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By John Dunkelgrün.

The Ambassador of México, H.E. Sr. Eduardo Ibarrola opened a special exposition of drawings by the famous Mexican sculptor Jorge Marin at the Pulchri Art Society. Jorge Marin is the brother of Javier Marin, who is well known in The Hague. Introduced by Pulchri board member Kees Verschuren this small but precious collection of magic realistic drawings evoke images of the Carnaval in Venice.
Exquisitely drawn they are classical at first impression, but exude a sense of insecurity. The personajes, hiding their identity behind gorgeous masks have wings indicating an ability to fly away from it all, not wanting to be part of what is now our world. It poses the question to the viewer of whether he or she wants to be part of what is happening today. This makes the work contemporary as well as classical.
Small enough to see on your lunch-break, this boutique exposition is well worth a visit. Until January 8th, Tuesday through Sunday 11.00  ~ 17.00, but closed for the holidays from 23/12 through 3/1 .
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