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DIPLOMAT MAGAZINE “For diplomats, by diplomats” Reaching out the world from the European Union First diplomatic publication based in The Netherlands Founded by members of the diplomatic corps on June 19th, 2013. Diplomat Magazine is inspiring diplomats, civil servants and academics to contribute to a free flow of ideas through an extremely rich diplomatic life, full of exclusive events and cultural exchanges, as well as by exposing profound ideas and political debates in our printed and online editions.


Open Registration Courses 2014
Overview of all open courses on e.g. cyber security, EU institutions, negotiation behaviour, European Union, international security, protocol and etiquette, and nuclear security.

Clingendael Academy is responsible for all courses and training programmes on diplomacy, European affairs,security and conflict management,
and negotiation for various target groups, both in the Netherlands, as well as abroad.
For more information on all Clingendael courses, please visit

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