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New Global Media Analysis available to diplomats

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By Mr Leo van der Velde.

 With effect from January 1 Ambassadors and Consuls can order newspaper articles – also in translation – from the new Hague company Global Media Analysis Services.

The Hague – With just over a weekend to go we will be poised on the brink of the New Year.  And on the verge still a scoop to report from the diplomatic circuit.  Peter Gobets will launch the diplomatic bureau Global Media Analysis Services  (GMAS) in The Hague on January 1st, to provide foreign Embassies and Consulates relevant news from the host country. 

 Gobets does not only have ample experience in The Hague’s international community as press officer but also has numerous media contacts.  “That is useful,” he admits, “but what is especially important is that I know precisely what the requirements are of an Ambassador and his or her staff.  They want to read what is being written or said about their country.”

 Peter Gobets also indicates that diplomats furthermore also want advice on the publicity that they themselves seek for their country or on a specific issue.  “Any mention of their home country in the Dutch Parliament, such as questions posed by parliamentarians, also on websites, can be tracked and reported to the mission.  The same applies to Dutch MEPs and the proceedings in the European Parliament.”

 The managing director of GMAS knows like no other that many new diplomats are well-briefed on bilateral issues of importance to both countries.  And also that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs first and foremost, but also and especially a city like The Hague offers all assistance and advice required.

 But we offer just that extra media advice and our website will soon be expanded to include a Diplomatic Desk.  Eventually we aim towards the world’s first ‘Virtual Diplomatic Community’, rather unique, to tackle questions / assignments.  And last but not least the greater good is served in this modest way by bringing together all those countries.


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