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Alliance Française Annual Song Contest

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The 30th annual French Song contest organized by The Alliance Française of the Netherlands

Sterre Konijn, a 27 year old singer from Amsterdam won the first price in the French Song Contest organized by the Alliance Française of The Netherlands. The event was held on Sunday 13th April 2014 at the Theatre Diligentia located in The Hague and members of the Jury included Tonny Eyk, Bart Van Loo, Hans Cornelissen and Frances Gramende.

The famous television presenter Bart Van Loo, accompanied by the Ambassador of France to The Netherlands, His Excellency Pierre Ménat, awarded the different prices including the first price, “Le Prix Gassan Diamond”. This award was given to Sterre Konijn for her performance which exhibited perfect technical deliverance and personal interpretation using original compositions: “Tout Dit” by Camille and “Nantes” by Barbara.

Catalijne Janssen, 24 from Rotterdam won the category of the “Liesbeth List Prijs Jeunes Artistes” for her theatrical performance where she showcased impeccable voice control singing Jacques Brel’s “Le Diable (ça va)”. Tonny Eyk, one of the members of the jury, had one word to describe Catelijne’s performance… “Wow!”

The price offered by TV5 MONDE was a Public’s Choice Award and 35 year old Daan Hofman from Amsterdam emerged the crowd’s favorite thanks to his intense performance of the song “Mathilde”… also from Brel. In the words of another jury member Bart Van Loo, the performance was “Pit, puf, power and peps.”

And finally, the jury decided that the Citroen’s Price for Creativity would go to the Flemish singer Boredas Dionys, a 30 year old from Oostende, for his self-composed songs which demonstrated a high quality of talent as well as originality.

The French Song Contest has been known to produce singers who are well known today such as Wende Snijders who won in 2001, Alderliefste in 2005 as well as Zazi who emerged winner in 2009.

Please find here some links and a YouTube photo album of the evening :

(photos ©Michel Budry, président de l’AF Hoorn),19553



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