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Memorial Concert, Ciconia String Orchestra

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Memorial concert ‘You have not experienced the war’

The Hague – The Hague string orchestra Ciconia Consort will bring stillness and reflection on Sunday May 4th in the Nieuwe Kerk with music that has been inspired by the horrors of war.

Conducted by Dick van Gasteren, the orchestra will play works from Bartók and Haas and concertmaster Emmy Storms will play the solo part in the Concerto Funèbre by Hartmann.

Being a convinced communist, the German composer Hartmann hardly survived nazi terror. Bartóks  divertimento is to be understood within the oppressive atmosphere in Europe  in 1939. Shortly after having composed this work, Bartók flees Hungary and emigrates to New York.

The cooperation of Mrs Henny Dormits will attach more significance to this concert. She will relate about her personal experiences in the Second World War. She lived at The Hague and was deported to Camp Westerbork and then to Theresienstadt. In this concentration camp the piece by Haas was composed. Later, Haas was deported and murdered at Auschwitz. The origin of this piece will be brought very close to the audience by the guest speaker.

Meet and greet

Traditionally, bar-restaurant Pavlov, adjacent to the Nieuwe Kerk, will decor for the meeting of audience and Ciconia Consort. This will also be the opportunity to have a chat with Mrs Henny Dormits and conductor Dick van Gasteren.

Children’s programme

Children up to 12 years old may follow a special educational programme under the guidance of a professional music teacher for the little ones. The children will attend part of the concert.

When: Sunday May 4th, 2014, start at 2.30 p.m.
Where: The Nieuwe Kerk, Den Haag.
Fees: children 4-12 years old € 2,50, “ooievaarspas” (reduction card)/youngsters/students € 10,-, other € 16,50/€ 19,-/€ 21,50/€ 25,-/€ 28,50.
For more information, registration of children’s participation in the children’s programme, and tickets: and sale of tickets at the entrance of the hall.

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