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Royal Couple in Oldenburg

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The King and Queen were welcomed by Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Weil . The royal couple attended a seminar on the storage of renewable energy .

Topics discussed were the new techniques and developments for the storage of renewable energy , the practical application and the long-term development . The King addressed a speech.
Dutch and German experts from the top of the science and business participated in the seminar . The aim is to further strengthen the Dutch – German cooperation in this field .
Then visit the royal couple the EWE Research Institute for Sustainable Energy “Next Energy ” . The institute is a number of research projects or innovations presented in the field of renewable energy .

The King and Queen have included an explanation of the ‘ Batteriewechselstation für Elektrofahrzeuge . This is the first and only experimental battery exchange station in Germany where cars when they are not driving , are used as energy storage object . Oldenburg examines how the charging time can be reduced as much as possible.

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