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Yun Xie, together with five other artists

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By Yun Xie.

Yun Xie, together with five other artists, shows her beautiful art at the exhibition in the famous building of Ernst & Young. The exhibition runs from 16 May until 29 August. The address is Wassenaarseweg  80 the Hague. If you are interested in visiting and enjoying this exhibition during office hours, please phone Ms. Tineke Heins (088-4073848) from EY for a guided tour.

Yun Xie invites you come to Amsterdam Annual Dutch Art Fair ( on 27-28th of Sep. Her booth is No.53. Yun Xie came from China and is now living in the Hague the Netherlands. She is a member of the Dutch National Association for Visual Artists. Yun Xie works with ceramics and acrylic or oil on canvas. She loves Chinese culture and art, especially after she left China. Longing for her motherland and relatives, she picked up a paintbrush and a carving tool. Her cultural background and memories are reflected in the art she is displaying in the exhibition. Her work always has a specific Chinese character and soul. In fact she feels she is a cultural ambassador and has a responsibility to show the uniqueness of the ancient Chinese culture and art to the Western world.P1130360

The passion for creating ceramic sculptures and paintings comes from memories that she brought with her from China, where the use of ceramics already has a long history. By painting and especially working with clay she feels free and connected to the China.

Her paintings and sculptures are always focused on people in their everyday environment. She loves the feelings that people radiate and show. Her images of people give her the ability to translate positions, attitudes and feelings in her sculptures. This also applies to her paintings. She always say: “The sculptures and the paintings are my cultural soul. They are part of my life.”

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