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Dutch Culture Courses for Diplomats

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InterConnection helps international organisations, companies and investors to establish strong relationships with businesses and partners in the Netherlands. We do this by offering trainings and services focussing on Dutch culture and effective behaviour.

‘Success in Holland’ course

This two-day course is specially designed for diplomats and highly educated expats that work or will work in the Netherlands. The course is aimed at staff members of embassies and international companies and organisations.


The course includes the following topics:

  • All aspects of Dutch culture, such as history and society, the political system and common Dutch views.
  • Knowledge of Dutch ethical and moral values and specific aspects in the areas of science, art, public holidays, the royal family, sports and entertainment.
  • Insights into the relationship between your cultural background and Dutch culture so that you can understand where your particular points of attention lie.
  • Knowledge of Dutch etiquette and dealing with the media.
  • Skills in carrying out effective preliminary talks and discussions involving a sensitive issue or difficult situation.
  • Skills in building up a network in the Netherlands. At the same time, you will also become part of InterConnection’s permanent expat network.

The course is organised regularly in The Hague and other cities. All participants receive an official certificate of participation. For more information please call +31 70 221 00 97.

Other services

InterConnection also offers individual coaching and mediation services. Please take a look on our website for more information or contact us directly.


InterConnection was established by Jeroen van der Kolk, a Dutch industrial and organisational psychologist who specialises in intercultural aspects and training. InterConnection has more than 10 trainers/consultants who all have broad international backgrounds. All trainers are fluent in English and some have specific language skills for in-company courses. InterConnection works globally and is based in The Hague, the Netherlands.


Website:           www.inter-connection.nl

Email:               info@inter-connection.nl

Telephone:        +31 70 221 00 97



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