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l’Alliance Française de La Haye

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By  Martin Beyer, Directeur de l’Alliance française de La Haye & Délégué général de la Fondation Alliance française aux Pays-Bas.

The Alliance française de La Haye (The Hague) is part of an international network, comprising some 830 Alliances worldwide. French is spoken by 220 million people on all five continents; French is moreover the official language of diplomatic representations and international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union etc…

Due to the international context in The Hague, French is an official language in many official institutions and a personal asset for diplomats and international managers. Thus fluency in French has become the key factor to improving the quality of international relations and business negotiations with your French peers.

The language courses provided by the Alliance française de La Haye are conducted by a team of 15 professional, highly qualified and dynamic native speakers who are specialized in Business French, Legal French and Diplomatic French.

The Alliance Française uses authentic learning material and original documents which are geared towards your professional, institutional or personal requirements. Working with new and updated information technology is yet another way in which we deliver the best teaching experience. Our rooms at the Berlage Kantoor downtown Den Haag are equipped with smart boards (TNI). Our linguistic engineers developed recently a specific e-learing program for the UN Language Proficiency Exam (LPE) and we are able to provide special programs and individual tutoring for professionals with complicated schedules.

Our corporate and private courses are all “tailor-made” which means that they are specifically designed for you. Rapid, efficient, immediately applicable, and most importantly, adaptable to your schedule is what the Alliance Française is prepared to offer you. Our staff is more than happy to take care of all your administrative work from the organization of your classes to proposing convenient schedules, creating different groups or one-to-one training based on individual competencies, specific needs, as well as informing you about certificates, diplomas, and test levels. You don’t have to worry any of this. We are there to take care for you!

Official partner of the French Embassy in the Netherlands, the Alliance française de La Haye is also an accredited examination center for diplomas and certificates which are recognized and accepted worldwide, such as DELF/DALF, TCF, TEF, DAEFLE…

Alliance française de La Haye – a team of teachers and highly qualified linguistic engineers awaits you to meet your French and Dutch language needs.

Please contact the Alliance Française for more information for detailed information, registration and a personal appointment:


Alliance française de La Haye

Berlage Kantoor – Kerkplein 3

NL- 2513 AZ Den Haag

T.: 070 362 15 23

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