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Zagreb – Rijeka 2016, 3rd European universities games

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On Friday July 25, Ambassador of Croatia, H. E.  Vesela Mrden Korac hosted a promotional dinner  event on the 3rd European Universities Games to be held  in Zagred – Rijeka from  July 24   2016 in Rotterdam at ‘Staal restaurant’ in the presence of  the President of the Croatian Academic Sport Federation, Mr. Zrinko Čustonja, the President of the European University Sport Association Mr. Adam Roczek  and the Minister of Science, education  and Sport  of the Croatian Republic  Mr. Vedran Mornar.

The Croatia delegation featured their enthusiasm, professionalism and innovation with more than 100 delegates from the European commission, European University Sport Association, and representatives from cities and universities from all Europe.

Goran Šprem introduced the theme “Historical and cultural heritage, sport and extreme tourism for youth” and  Godan Kožulj  made a presentation of the project “European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016“showing their determination to make of the European University Games a huge success in terms of innovation, facilities and participation. Anti doping proofs will be implemented as well as special sport competitions. Both cities Zagreb – Rijeka will share the games to promote tourism and a better understanding of the country.

Mr. Damir Boras dean of the University of Zagreb, the largest one in Croatia, promised that the 3rd games in Croatia will be a memorable experience. European University Games is the largest European multisport student event. Actually the European University Games are held in Rotterdam, featuring 10 sports. The closing speech was presented by the Minister of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia Mr. Vedran Mornar.


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