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Hier ben ik (Here I am)

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Dutch publication for expats and their children in the Netherlands

Experience a young boy’s journey to a new life in a new country, a new world full of possibility, and a new future of hope. The wordless picture book Hier ben ik tells the story of a child’s adjustment to a new life. A beautiful and important book that gives room to every child’s own experiences and feelings.

NBD Biblion Publishers is a small publishing house in The Netherlands. NBD Biblion has published Hier ben ik, a wordless picture book about a little boy arriving in a new country and having to find his way there. The vivid illustrations depict a touching story of surprising depth.

The absence of words gives readers the opportunity to experience their own emotions in the story. The book also contains a reader’s guide with tips for reading & discussing a wordless picture book. Hier ben ik is an important book that could be of great help to expats and their kids.

For more information or a review copy, please contact:

NBD Biblion- Anne-Marie van der Poel – E

T +31 (0)79 3440 170


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