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Bel Air Jazz Club starts

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Bel Air Jazz Club starts: Unique performance by Astrid Seriese and Rob Agerbeek trio.

On Sunday afternoon 28 September, jazz singer Astrid Seriese will be giving a performance with pianist Rob Agerbeek and his trio. Together with drummer Ben Schröder and bassist Niels Tausk they create an exciting musical relationship in which standards will be alternated with newer pieces and their own work. The two hour long radio concert will be presented by jazz lover Ronald Blom and radio presenter Paul Waayers under the title: For the first time: Astrid meets Rob


This will be the first in a new series of monthly concerts (on the last Sunday of the month between 17:00 and 19:00) in the Bel Air Jazz Club in Worldhotel Bel Air The Hague. The initiative stems from the thirty-year history when spontaneous jazz sessions and concerts took place at this location during the North Sea Jazz Festival, as it was known when organised in the Hague. Come and enjoy jazz from the region in an informal and intimate ambience. Afterwards there is of course the opportunity to dine in Restaurant Purple – where you can order a special three-course jazz menu– or have a drink in the Embassy bar”.

The recording will be broadcast via the site:

Admission to this first session is free.

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