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Macedonia Diplomats Meet&Greet

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By Roy Lie A Tjam.

H.E. Mr. Igor Popov, Ambassador for the Republic of Macedonia, hosted the autumn 2014 diplomat meet and greet in true Macedonian style on 14 October 2014.

In his welcome remarks, Ambassador Popov greeted the dignitaries and other invitees, turning to his compatriots who live and have integrated into life in the Netherlands, including his own sister. Mr Popov referred to these compatriots as the real ambassadors of Macedonia.

His Excellency’s speech further contained brief quotations by Erasmus and even Johan Cruiff. The evening’s atmosphere was very relaxed with Mr Popov noting that invitations were not from six to eight but from six to late. Guests were entertained by Macedonian music and video presentations, with Macedonian wine and tasteful nibbles being served courtesy of the Embassy.

All in all, a real and very successful Macedonian evening.



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