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New Horizon at the Mesdag museum The Hague

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3093-081 NL Panorama Mesdag opening-DPBy Roy Lie A Tjam.

The exhibition New Horizon by Bruno van Elshout fills you with awe, arousing a profound sentiment of gratitude in the viewer; gratitude for the marvelous experience of serenity and space which the multiple images of the horizon emanate.

The New Horizon concept was born after a special reconnaissance trip to view the horizon of the North Sea from Kijkduin in The Hague. The project started in the summer of 2011, after Bruno van Elshout considered the idea of allotting the theme of serenity and space, rare phenomena in this hectic world, to the year 2012. The term New Horizon appeared to be the most appropriate for the work and following that revelation, the contours of the multifaceted project unfolded rapidly.

A custom-built installation was stationed on the roof of the NH Atlantic Hotel in Kijkduin, from 31 December 2011 to 6 January 2013, to capture one image every hour of the horizon in detail. An incredible number of captures, 8,785 in total, would tell the universal story of an infinite cycle: 8785 portraits of the very same stretch of infinity, where everything reunites: Heaven and earth, imagination and reality. Past, present and future. Somewhere you will never arrive, but the desire to reach out changes everything.”Images from the New Horizon project are now on show at the Panorama Mesdag until 1 March 2015. Bruno van den Elshout’s exhibition will transport you to the serenity and space of the horizon as he has imagined it.

The launch of the New Horizon book which accompanies the exhibition will take place on 4 December 2014 in the Garden Room of the Gemeente Museum, The Hague. The first copy will be dedicated to Van den Elshout’s son whose observations while strolling along the beach prompted the artist to select the title New Horizon. Only 2012 copies have been published. Purchasing the book online before 1 December 2014 will entitle each owner to attend the book launch. Van den Elshout hopes that his work will surprise and inspire many. For those who love the sea and The Hague, this compelling exhibition is well worth a visit.


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