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By Jhr. Mr. Alexander W. Beelaerts van Blokland, Justice (Judge) in the Court of Appeal and Special Advisor International Affairs of the Municipality of The Hague.

On Wednesday October 1st the King received the ambassadors of Belgium, Ireland and France.

H.E. Chris Hoornaert (Belgium; born 1963) was diplomatic advisor of the Prime Minister, permanent representative at OESO in Paris and advisor external relations of the harbour of Antwerp.

H.E. John Neary (Ireland; 1951) works already 40 years for the MFA in Dublin, Luxembourg, London, Riyadh, Vienna and Brussels and was Irelands ambassador in Tokio since 2010.

H.E. Laurent Pic (France; 1964) –who studied Russian – worked in Bahrein, Brussels and New York, was deputy secretary general European Affairs and was diplomatic advisor of the Prime Minister.

The new ambassadors of South Africa, Hungary and Georgia presented their credentials on October 15th.

H.E. Vusi Bruce Koloane (South Africa; 1962) started his diplomatic career in Cairo, Tokio, Shanghai and Beijing. Then he became ambassador in Madrid and was afterwards Chief of State Protocol.

H.E. Ms Orsolya Szijjarto (Hungary) got a PhD in economics and studied also in The Netherlands (Maastricht). She was lately managing director of a  company on tourism and EU consultancy.

H.E. Konstantine Surguladze (Georgia; 1971) worked in politics and in the oil industry and was lately state minister for the Georgian diaspora.

In November the King received the ambassadors of Panama, Cuba and Guatemala on the 19th and those of South Corea and Costa Rica on the 26th.

H.E. Willys Delvalle Velasco (Panama; 1958) worked all his life in the maritime business. Since 2012 he was president of the Maritime Chamber of Panama.

H.E. Fermin Gabriel Quinones Sanchez (Cuba; 1971) was from 2001 to 2004 second secretary at the Cuban embassy in The Hague. He was since 2011 the Cuban ambassador in Prague.

H. E. Gabriel Edgardo Aquilera Peralta (Guatemala; 1940) was university professor and diplomat; was deputy minister of foreign relations, ambassador in Germany and Peru and wrote several books.

H.E. Jong-hyun Choe (South Korea; 1956) worked in Seoul, Canada, El Salvador and New York. Since 2010 he was ambassador in Oman and lately director protocol at the MFA.

H.E. Sergio Ugalde Godinez (Costa Rica; 1971) is expert in international law and since 2006 member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.

I wish all of you a lot of success and also happy years in The Hague !



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