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Spectacular restoration coming to Panorama Mesdag

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Panorama Mesdag on 2, 3 and February 4, 2015 closed to public

2,3 and 4 February 2015, the immense velum replaced Panorama Mesdag. It is the culmination of many years of restoration and expansion.

The velum is the special canopy of 8 meters high and 31 meters in circumference that shields the panorama of the direct light. Such velum is an integral part of each panorama built according to the patented formula panorama of the Irish painter and art teacher Robert Barker in 1787. Panorama Mesdag 1881 belongs to that particular panoramas, is the oldest panorama in the world that still To see the original location.

2.3 and 4 February 2015, the first heavy rag, spotted by many years of water and dust, hoisted down. Meticulous work, because dust on the panorama should be avoided whenever possible. It also requires considerable technical knowledge, because on the dunes surrounding the Panorama Mesdag can not simply be placed scaffolding. Restorers and commercial project builders worked together to bring this exciting project to fruition.

The replacement of the velum has gone a long study in advance. The 248 m2 textile must meet many requirements. Most important is the fire, the fabric should be fire resistant and flame retardant. The color fastness; the fabric must be able to withstand many years of sun without discoloring. The color itself is also essential: each tang too green or red would cause an ugly haze on the painting. The characteristic light effect is the proper transparency of the material essential to the painting so that the sun and the play of clouds remain visible but not shine through the windows in the roof. Then the matter of mold and bacteria, so that the moisture from wet coats of the more than 125,000 visitors annually traceless.

Finally, the fabric must have the same look as the original canvas of more than 100 years ago and fit museum character of the panorama. It is the Dutch weaving Squad from Helmond who could deliver this special fabric to Panorama Mesdag.

A specialized sewing workshop that many works for theater, the show world and large public institutions has finally sewn cloth according to old patterns.

In the 19th century panoramas hype in the last 25 years of that century they moved about 100 million visitors. Usually they quickly went bankrupt, fell into disrepair and were lost. Panorama Mesdag, which went bankrupt shortly after completion, has been preserved because Mesdag personal intervention. He bought painting and building and made it into a public attraction. Museum Mesdag is still run by his descendants.

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