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President of the Kyrgyz Republic’s statement

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The President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Mr. Almazbek Atambayev’s statement.

Bloody criminal carnage in Minsk laid on a recent day by notorious Zhanysh Bakiyev over his former close associate from the criminal world, leave no doubt that the members of the Bakiyev family do feel in Belarus complete impunity and, along with their daredevils, will continue to kill. This fact is obviously demonstrated by crime witness’ released testimony that leaves no shade of doubt that Zhanysh Bakiyev and his accomplices killed Almanbet Anapiyaev right in the residential area of the Belarusian capital.

I hope that honourable Mr. Alexander Lukashenko and friendly Belarusian people shall finally realize that they had sheltered villains.

As well as the Belarusian will never forget the spring of 1943, world-shaking tragedy of Khatyn village, the Kyrgyz people will not forget the spring of 2010, when the ordinary people were shot in the central square of the capital – Bishkek – by the order of the Bakiyev family.

Bakiyev brothers are remembered in Kyrgyzstan as monsters of cruelty. The people remember how these inhumans were burning people alive, how they maimed and killed journalists; how they were breaking businessmen’ arms and legs, and how they cut their victims’ ears and noses off.

Who else does the Bakiyev family have to kill for the Belarusian authorities finally see their bestial and cannibalistic nature of this crime family? These monsters will spill blood wherever they will be, including host Belarus!

For nearly five years, Kyrgyzstan is seeking obligations fulfillment from Minsk for tracing, prosecution and extradition of criminals in accordance with international conventions. Instead, the official Minsk chose to deny our legitimate demands. At the same time we have constantly received confirmation of the fact that the presence of these criminals has been encouraged in Belarus, they have been given national passports, state awards and congratulations on the anniversaries.

I am confident that criminal actions of Zhanysh Bakiyev in Minsk must serve as an alarm signal for the Belarusian authorities, the citizens’ safety of which is under the threat due to the sheltering obviously criminal and felonious elements on its territory. It is also a dishonor to the image of Belarus.

I express hope that the Belarusian authorities will no longer cover the criminals convicted of the killing of civilians in Kyrgyzstan. I am sure that harsh condemnation of these crimes by the Belarusian side and taking effective measures for detention and extradition of the murderers to Kyrgyzstan will strengthen the credibility of Belarus and its leadership in the international arena.


Official statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic

In connection with the murder on the territory of the Republic of Belarus of Almanbet Anapiyaev, the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, wanted by INTERPOL for committing serious crimes, as well as the testimony of the citizen Gulzhigit Abilazizov, a detainee under the relevant criminal proceedings, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic reiterates its deep concerns and bewilderment regarding the position of the authorities of the Republic of Belarus on detention and extradition of Zhanybek Bakiyev and other wanted persons.

The competent authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic had repeatedly applied to the state bodies of the Republic of Belarus with the request to take actions to fulfill the obligations assumed by the Belarusian side under the Convention on the legal assistance and legal relations in civil, family and criminal cases, and other international treaties. According to this Convention “the parties are obliged to search, prosecute, and extradite persons to bring them to criminal responsibility or execution of a sentence.”

The Kyrgyz side is deeply concerned that Zhanybek Bakiev and his closest associates, the convicts of committing especially felony crimes on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, despite the fact that they are in the international wanted circular, move freely and, moreover, have been committing felony crimes on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The Kyrgyz Republic believes that this position of the Republic of Belarus does not comply with the spirit of friendly and allied relations between the two countries, and regrets that in this way the Republic of Belarus, which claims to be the “territory of global hope”, and had recently hosted the summit of “Norman Quartet”, has chosen the way of blanching over and protecting obvious criminal elements.

Kyrgyzstan once again calls on the Belarusian side to take specific and effective measures for detention and extradition of the above mentioned criminals in accordance with international obligations.

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