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Ambassador Holmström welcomed by IKEA and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce

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On the picture Ambassador Per Holmström. Photos by  Caroline Wrangsten.

On October 6, 2015 H.E. Mr. Per Holmström was officially welcomed to the Netherlands by Inter IKEA Systems in Delft and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Sweden and The Netherlands has a long history of trade and cultural relations and the creation of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands in May 1960 furthered this relationship which has proved mutually beneficial.  

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands is a non-profit network organization  providing “a platform for the promotion of Swedish-Dutch business and the exchange of knowledge, skills, and ideas between Sweden and The Netherlands,”   with more than 150 members, including Swedish, Dutch, and international companies.

This relationship is highlighted in a recently published book The Swedes and the Dutch were Made for Each Other.  Historiska Media, 2014.

Mr. Per Holmström officially became Sweden’s ambassador in the Netherlands on September 9 this year when he presented his Letters of Credence to His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands at the Noordeinde Palace in The Hague.  Up to that time he was  Head of the Department for Consular Affairs and Civil Law at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm and had previously served at the Consulate General in Jerusalem and at the Swedish Embassy in Paris.

Ehsan Turabaz Inter IKEA Systems and Kerstin Gerlagh Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

He was also welcomed by the Sweden related organizations in the Netherlands. The Ambassador thanks everyone for the warm reception he has received since he arrived to the Netherlands.

Mr. Holmström is impressed by the work of the wide variety of Sweden related organizations in the Netherlands, and assures them of the Embassy’s full support.

Ambassador is awarded Honorary Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce by Ehsan Turabaz and Hannie Kroes SKF.



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