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Republic of Latvia, Independence Day 2015

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On the Picture H. E. Dr. Ilze Rūse.

By Roy Lie A Tjam.

H.E. Dr. Ilze Rūse, Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia in the Netherlands, welcomed guests to the Latvian Embassy to celebrate the nation’s 97th Independence Day.

In her remarks, the Ambassador noted that it is not customary to deliver a speech on Independence Day, but that in the aftermath of the heinous attacks in Paris, there was good reason to deviate from tradition. She made a compelling call for unity.

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H. E. Chen Xu, Ambassador of China and H. E. Dr. Ilze Rūse.


The Ambassador is new to the Netherlands, and this is the first year that the country’s Independence Day has been celebrated at the prestigious premises of the Embassy in Koninginnegracht, The Hague.

Ambassador Rūse said she enjoys the bilateral and multilateral opportunities The Hague has to offer, and observed that official diplomatic ties between Latvia and the Netherlands have existed for 95 years. Historical ties go back some 800 years, and a small exhibition has been erected in the embassy to mark the strong and enduring relationship between the two countries.

Especially noteworthy in this exhibition is an image of Amalia, who is related to the Dutch Royal family. It is a little-known fact that over the years, Latvia has built more than 120 ships for the Netherlands. 60% of Latvia is covered by forest, and the nation thus has an abundant supply of high quality pinewood.

Ambassador of Panama H. E. Willys Delvalle together with H. E. Ilze Ruse.


Latvia held the EU Presidency for the first half of 2015, and is looking forward the Netherlands taking up the presidency in 2016. Ambassador Rūse concluded by reiterating her call for unity and solidarity in this time of tragedy and bereavement.

Guest at the Latvian National Day’s reception.


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