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Fashion at Van Loon

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Pictured former Mistress of the Robes at the Dutch Royal Household, HE Martina van Loon (née Labouchere, right) and Mrs R. Ruding.

This spring the Museum Van Loon in Amsterdam highlights the European fashion trends of the Van Loon family from around 1850 to the present. Portraits, photographs, authentic dresses and suits, accessories and documents are on display, presenting a fine image of the personal fashion style of the Van Loon family. At the core of the exhibition are the museum’s grand full-length portraits. Fashion at Van Loon is integrated in the general collection of the museum, giving visitors the unique possibility to enjoy the full-length portraits together with the fashion ensembles in the historic interior of the house. 


Museum Pieces

Several Van Loon family members donated their most extraordinary gowns to museums during their own life time. In 1923 Thora van Loon made a gift to the Rijksmuseum of the ball gown she wore to the wedding of Queen Wilhelmina in 1901. Amazingly, Thora wrote extensively about this dress in her diary. Another museum piece is Yvonne van Loons Dior evening gown, which she donated to the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag in 1958.

Accessories of extremely fine quality will also be exhibited, such as fans, gloves and corsages, as well as fascinating documents, such as Thora van Loon diary of 1898 – 1903, and a 1919 invoice of the famous fashion designer Redfern, listing the highly-priced purchases of Antoinette Van Loon.


During this exhibition, a  € 1.- surcharge will be applied to all visitors, children excluded.

The VIP vernissage was held on Thursday, 3 March at the Van Loon Museum under the attendance of HE Mrs Martina van Loon-Labouchere, former Mistress of the Robes at the Dutch Royal Household. 

Dress worn by HE Martina van Loon at the investiture of HM King Willem Alexander.


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