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Latin American Table, Litteraire Societeit de Witte The Hague

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Pictured Drs.Reinier Russell.

By Roy Lie A Tjam.

The Chair of the Latin American Table at the Litteraire Scocietet de Witte in The Hague and Honorary Consul of El Salvador, Ms Sonia de Meijer, hosted a second lecture.

Mr. Agustin Vasquez, Minister Counsellor Embassy of El Salvador, Ms. Lucia Rodriguez Fetzer, First Secretary Embassy of Guatemala and Ms Alexandra Isabel Gonzalez , Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Costa Rica.

The lecture was delivered by Drs.Reinier Russell, chairman of the Honorary Consuls in The Netherlands, Secretary of Consular Corps, Honorary Consul of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Amsterdam and Managing Partner at Russell Advocaten.After welcoming Ambassadors, diplomats and guests Sonia de Meijer invited the speaker Drs. Russell to deliver his lecture.

Duke Michael of Mecklenbourg and Ms Maja Christina Steenwijk – Groot, Knight in The Order of Orange of Nassau.

Mr. Russell talked about the activities of the CCN, Corps Consulaie Nederland and passionately about his activities as Hon. Consul for the Republic of Brazil in Amsterdam.

Very impressive. Drs. Russell highlighted what the consular tasks are:

  • First line helps to nationals and Dutch
  • Opening doors
  • Solving problems and assisting Brazilians in the Netherlands
  • Strengthen ties between the two countries
  • Economy
  • Culture
  • Science
  • Representation
  • None political matters


Mr. Jorge Antonio Carvajal, Counsellor at the Embassy of Chile together with Mr Daniel Ricardo Escobar, Second Secretary at the Embassy of Colombia.

Russell elaborated on all these points providing vivid examples. Besides the predicament Brazilian nationals could find themselves in while in the Netherlands, Russell also mentioned the centuries long historical ties. Maurits van Nassau, after whom the Mauritshuis has been named. This part of the Dutch presence is very much alive in N.E.Brasil – Recife to date.

The 25 minute lecture in the Leeszaal of the Soc. De Witte, has been a revealing one. Cocktails and a dinner concluded this second session of the Latin American Table.

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