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Ambassadors to Luxembourg accredited

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H.E.  Pablo Grinsoun, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic.

By Henri Estramant.

Argentine Republic: HE Ambassador Pablo Grinspun was accredited on Wednesday, 8 February 2017 at the Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg City.  Previous to his  appointment to Belgium and Luxembourg, he was Undersecretary for Latin American Economic Integration and Mercosur.

Ambassador Ata Serdarov

Turkmenistan: HE Ambassador Ata Serdarov presented his credentials on 8 February 2017. His chancery is based in Brussels. Ambassador Serdarov was previously ambassador to Turkey and Armenia.


Ambassador Piotr Wojtcazak

Republic of Poland: HE Ambassador Piotr Wojtczak is a resident ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Before this appointment he was Permanent Representative of Poland to the EU.


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