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New Japanese Honorary Consul General for Amsterdam

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‘ A civilize society, ready to genuinely serve you”

The Embassy of Japan has formally introduced the newly appointed Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Amsterdam. He is Mr. Jos ter Avest. A special ceremony was held at the residence of the Ambassador of Japan.

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Mr. Jos ter Avest, new Honorary Consul General of Japan for Amsterdam.

The Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Hiroshi Nomura, welcomed the guests to the special ceremony and subsequently invited H.E. Mr. Hiroshi Inomata to deliver his remarks. The Ambassador indicated that he deems it appropriate for a newly appointed Consul General to be formerly introduced. In fact, Mr. Jos ter Avest’s appointment took effect as of 1 February 2017.The Ambassador continued, the Honorary Consul-General forms an important bridge between the community of Amsterdam and the Japanese community.

Mr. Jos ter Avest in his acceptance speech recalls the pleasant conversation he has had last year with both former Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Amsterdam: Mr. Jaap Rost Onnes and H.E. Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata.

He also discussed the matter of accepting the position of Hon. Consul General with his wife. Ter Avest visited Japan with boss Mr. Gerit Zalm. They had a very tight schedule but made time to visit a fish market at 5 AM. The visit has made a lasting impression on him.

Mr. Jos ter Avest is looking forward to serve as Hon. Consul General to the best of his ability.

Former Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Amsterdam: Mr. Jaap Rost Onnes, served in this position or some good thirty years. At the age of 82, he thinks it’s high time to demise office. He warmly congratulated his successor Mr. Jos ter Avest. When Rost Onnes took office some 30 years ago there were only four Japanese companies, with time the number has grown to approx. 400.

When asked to give a one liner on Japan he promptly replied, a civilize society ready to genuinely serve you. Polite, disciple, mutual respect, Mr. Jaap Rost Onnes traveled in HM. King Willem-Alexander patry when the King went on a state visit to Japan in 2014. Mr. Jaap Rost Onnes and his wife Mary will continue to visit Japan every year.

Mr. Jaap Rost Onnes, H.E. Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata, Mrs Avest, Mr. Jos ter Avest and Mrs. Midori Inomata spouse of the Japanese Ambassador.

The guests at the solemn ceremony mainly formed the Dutch and Japanese community. Consisting of Dutch and Japanese bankers, the director of a Japanese daycare, members of the business community.

Mr. Jaap Rost Onnes, Mrs Russell and Mr Reinier Russell, from Russell Avocaten and Honorary Consul General of Brazil, President of the Consular Association.








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