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ACP meets Michaëlle Jean in Paris

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Dr Patrick Gomes, ACP Secretary General and OIF Secretary General, Michaëlle Jean – Picture by Cyril Bailleul, OIF.

Paris, IOF – The Secretary General of La Francophonie, H.E. Michaëlle Jean, accompanied by the IOF Administrator General, H.E. Adama Ouane and her Cabinet Director, H.E. Jean-Louis Atangana, and other advisers in the fields of economy, programme development and strategy received in audience, 20 December 2017, the Secretary General of the ACP Group of States (Africa, Caribbean and South Pacific countries), H.E. Dr Patrick Gomes as well as the President of the ACP Committee of Ambassadors, H.E. Amadou Diop, Permanent Representative of Senegal to the EU and Head of Mission to the Benelux countries with seat in Brussels. The get-together was organised by the OIF Permanent Representative to the EU, H.E. Ambassador Stéphane López. 

The top level meeting aimed at signing a cooperation agreement between the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) and the ACP Group of states in promoting peace, the right to education, culture, the fight against climate change, promotion of the French language and linguistic diversity as well as the development of economic and entrepreneurial schemes in ACP countries members of OIF.

Thirty four states are members simultaneously of OIF and the ACP Group of States Secretariat based in Brussels, Belgium. 

Amadou Diop, Michëlle Jean, Adama Ouane, Dr Patrick Gomes and Stéphane López – Picture by IOF.

Both organisations are joining forces through the renewed agreement before future EU-African Union Summit, wherein Dr Patrick Gomes as well as Secretary General Michaëlle Jean normally partake.

A dossier of urgent relevance for both organisations is the resurgence of slavery in Libya, afflicting mostly people of Sub-Saharan African descent. 

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