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H.E. Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi: Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq

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H.E. Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi is the new Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. A diplomat and a medical doctor, H.E. Dr. Al-Alawi succeeds to H.E. Mr. Saywan Barzani.

Just a few days before Koningsdag, H.E. Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi presented the diplomatic credentials to His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, thus formalizing his role as the new Iraqi Ambassador to The Netherlands. H.E. Dr. Al-Alawi, who arrives to The Netherlands after a post as Ambassador to Turkey, will represent Iraq to both the Dutch government and the many international organizations based in The Hague, such as the OPCW.

In his dense career, H.E. Dr. Al-Alawi has been able to combine different roles and professions. On the one hand, he has pursued a high level diplomatic career. Since 2010, H.E. Dr. Al-Alawi has worked for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, holding relevant positions not only in Baghdad as Head of Policy Planning Department and Medical Insurance Department, but also abroad as Ambassador of Iraq to South Africa and Turkey.

On the other hand, H.E. Dr. Al-Alawi has also pursued a long-lasting career as a medical doctor. After his successful studies and early working experience at the College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, the Ambassador decided to move abroad. After three years in Libya, H.E. Dr. Al-Alawi spent more than fifteen years as a medical doctor in the United Kingdom, holding several positions across the UK.

In his private life, H.E. Dr. Al-Alawi is an open, affable, and active person. The Ambassador is married, and he and his wife have two sons and one daughter.

Diplomat Magazine and the whole diplomatic community of The Netherlands warmly welcome H.E. Dr. Al-Alawi, and wish all the best of luck to him for his forthcoming enterprises!

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