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The Asia-Oceania group of Ambassadors bid farewell

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By Roy Lie Atjam.

On Monday 30th July 2018, Sri Lankan Ambassador H.E. Adam Sadiq hosted a lively farewell reception for Australian Ambassador

Dr. Brett Mason, on behalf of the Asia-Oceania group of Ambassadors. The venue was “Lakmedura” the residence of Ambassador Sadiq.

Ambassador Mason thanked Ambassador Sadiq for spearheading Australia’s inclusion in the group; Australia’s historical links with Europe and the US form part of who Australia is today, but there’s no question that Australia’s future lies in the dynamic Asian region.

Ambassador Sadiq had been such a great friend to Australia, quipped Mason, that he might consider serving as Australia’s Ambassador to the Netherlands at the conclusion of his current appointment as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador(laughter)

Ambassadors of the Asia-Oceania group, along with none members of the group, turn out in their numbers to take leave of Brett Mason.

Ambassador Jaime Victor Ledda of the Philippines also addressed Ambassador Mason. He thanked him for his contributions to the Asia-Oceania group.

Ambassador Mason received a commemorative plaque and a Sri Lankan tea set.

A reception including savoury Sri Lankan food concluded the gathering.

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