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Uruguay a reaffirmation of national identity

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His Excellency Ambassador Ricardo Nario, Uruguay National Day 2018

Celebrating 193 Years of Independence

Roy Lie Atjam

Wassenaar, 23 August 2018. On the occasion of the one hundred and ninety-three years of the Declaration of Uruguay’s Independence, H.E. Ambassador Luis Ricardo Nario Fagundez and spouse Laura Dupuy Nario, organized a reception on the lawns of their residence.

A good number of colleagues, friends as well as Judges, representatives of international organizations, businessmen and compatriots, responded positively to the invitation to join in the festivities.

His Excellency, Dr. Elías Azar, Ambassador of Mexico, Mrs. Laura Dupuy Nario, His Excellency Aviv Shir -On, Ambassador of Israel and Ms. Verónica Crego Porley, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Uruguay.

In his welcome remarks, Ambassador Ricardo Nario thanked his guests for their presence.

“Independence Day is a reaffirmation of our national identity, a reunion with our past and our fundamental values of freedom, peace, democracy, respect for human rights, gender equality and social equity; all values we are glad to share with the Dutch people” Nario stated.

Ambassador Ricardo Nario further related “on this very special occasion for Uruguay, I would like to express my gratitude to the Dutch Government, as well as the private sector, for the collaboration with our tasks and the support to reach our objectives, shown during the last and the present year.

In 2017 and the first semester of 2018, our bilateral trade continued steadily and growing in many products, at a time when the trade around the world faces turbulences. For the first time, Netherlands is our first trade partner in Europe.

As an example of our bilateral cooperation let me tell you that next month, we are going to launch a dredge vessel, which stern and bow were built in the Netherlands, and the middle of the ship in Uruguay. It is a joint venture between the Royal IHC Company and the National Administration of Ports of Uruguay, for the amount of 61 million dollars. The purpose of this vessel is to carry out the dredging of the Uruguay River.

Ambassador Nario, together with the Tunisian Ambassador H.E. Mr. Elyes Ghariani, his spouse, Mrs. Laura Dupuy Nario and Ms. Véronica Grego, Deputy Chief of Mission of Uruguay.

I also want to highlight the important bilateral cooperation with Wageningen University and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. In those Universities, we have post-graduates students from Uruguay, specializing in the agricultural field and in water management; both subjects key to our sustainable development. The follow up of productive projects is fundamental to the future success of this educational investment.

Regarding the international organizations, I want to mention the important Agreement that Uruguay achieved with the Permanent Court of Arbitration.With the presence of the Secretary General, Hugo Siblesz in Montevideo, last June, we signed a Host Country Agreement.

Ambassador Ricardo Nario and his spouse Mrs. Laura Dupuy Nario during Uruguay National Day celebrations at the residence.

The signing of this agreement is consistent with Uruguay’s long history of support of the peaceful resolution of international disputes in accordance with international law.

Finally, I would like to convey the special greeting of the President of the Republic, Dr. Tabaré Vázquez, to all, and particularly to the compatriots who accompany us today.

Please enjoy now our gastronomy, with Angus beef Premium Quality, our Tannat wines, and some afro – Uruguayan rhythms, by “Alejandro Carbajal Candombe Group”.
Dank u well”.

Angus beef Premium Quality from Uruguay National Meat Institute.

The Angus beef Premium Quality or asado  is the popular grilled meat cooked outdoors on wood-fire. The meat was shipped from the National Meat Institute (INAC) in Uruguay especially for the occasion. Sausages (chorizos) were also served. Further, alfajores and sweet bites were served.

Alfajores consist of small baked cookies glued together with Uruguayan popular ‘dulce de leche’ (milk caramel). Tannat wines, white and red from Bodegas Carrau (Carrau Wineries).

Ambassador Ricardo Nario succeeded in offering his guests an authentic Uruguayan soiree. Apart from the gastronomy treat, he had the renowned Uruguayan performer and his band flown in for the occasion. Alejandro Carbajal y su Grupo de Candombe, staged a unique Afro – Uruguayan rhythm show. Alejandro Carbajal is the son of ‘El Sabalero’ one of the most renowned Uruguayan singer and composer of Uruguayan popular music. The group integrated Beatriz Aguiar, Luis Gradin, José Piriz and Enrique Firpi.

The Group performed a series of Candombes and songs from El Sabalero, Jaime Roos and ‘Los Olimareños’. Alejandro played the guitar and sang with Beatriz Aguiar.

“Alejandro Carbajal Candombe Group”, from Uruguay.

Candombe (can-dome-bey) is an African derived rhythm. The rhythm travelled to Uruguay from Africa with enslaved Africans and is still going strong in the streets, dance halls and carnivals of this small enchanting country. Candombe is part of popular music with many of Uruguay’s most famous artists such as Jaime Roos and Mateo using candombe as an essential part of their music.

During colonial times, the newly arrived Africans called their drums tangó, and used this term to refer to the place where they gathered to perform their candombe dances; by extension, the dances themselves were also called tangós. With the word tangó, they defined the place, the instrument, and the dance of the Africans. There in lies an intriguing musicological tale about the obscure origins of the tango, one of the best-known Latin American musical genres.

Mick Jagger when in Montevideo ended up in Barrio Sur, listening to candombe.  In 2009 UNESCO declared Candombe Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

An indelible Uruguayan event indeed !

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