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By Martina Maschauer, Managing Director Bayern International .

It was a great pleasure for me to be able to take over the management of Bayern International after having held positions in the Bavarian State Chancellery, Brussels and China, among others.

Like hardly any other economy, Bavaria is linked to the global economy. Bavarian companies have an export quota of around 50% – every second euro is earned abroad. As Bayern International, we see it as our task to make it easier for Bavarian companies to enter foreign business. We have focused on Bavarian SMEs. The small and medium-sized companies are the heart of the Bavarian economy. These include hidden champions whose names are unknown worldwide, but who are world market leaders in their field.


Bayern International, a subsidiary of the Free State of Bavaria, is an established brand in Bavarian foreign trade. We have around 100 events in our programme every year and our projects often take us to so-called pioneer markets, so that we can also draw attention to previously unknown markets.

As part of the Bavarian Trade Fair Participation Program, we are realizing the Bavarian Pavilions, under which Bavarian companies present themselves. In cooperation with the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, we organize delegation trips with the political support of the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs or the Bavarian State Secretary for Economic Affairs. Our work requires close cooperation with embassies, consulates and business organisations.


The success of a project is also the result of successful cooperation with the institutions in the target country. Especially the embassies can pave the way and open doors for us and the participating companies from Bavaria.

We work closely together with the institutions of the economy such as the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, the Chambers of Crafts here in Bavaria and the Chambers of Commerce Abroad.

We never work alone, but see ourselves as part of an extensive network, whose threads we bring together in the context of a project, in order to bring Bavarian companies the best possible service and benefit. 

Image credits: Bayern International GmbH, Munich. 

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