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H.E. Mr. Naor Gilon Ambassador of Israel to the Netherlands

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By Guido Lanfranchi.

After the departure of H.E. Mr. Aviv Shir-On, H.E. Mr. Naor Gilon will be the new Ambassador of Israel to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Mr. Gilon returns to a post in the Israeli diplomatic service after a short break of two years, which saw him working in the private sector. 

After having said “farewell” to H.E. Mr. Aviv Shir-On[g1] , the diplomatic community of the Netherlands is now welcoming a new Israeli Ambassador in The Hague: H.E. Mr. Naor Gilon. The new Ambassador brings with him a vast experience in the Israeli Foreign Service, as well as in the field of international consulting. 

Born in Israel in 1964, Mr. Gilon earned a BA in Political Science from in 1988, joining the Israeli Foreign Ministry right the following year. After receiving the due training, Ambassador Gilon was immediately posted as Deputy Chief of Mission at the Israeli Embassy in Budapest, Hungary, where he also earned a Master in International Relations (Summa cum Laude) at Corvinus University. 

Over the following decades, Mr. Gilon worked extensively for the Israeli Foreign Ministry. In his career, Ambassador Gilon held a number of relevant posts both at home and abroad. In Israel, he worked as Deputy Foreign Policy Advisor to three different Prime Ministers (1995-1997), he held positions in the Ministry’s Center for Policy Research (2000-2002, 2007-2009), he became Chief of Staff to the Foreign Minister (2009), and he acted as Deputy Director General with responsibility to Europe, the European Union, and NATO (2009-2001). 

Mr. Gilon’s career abroad was equally flourishing, as he worked for both the Israeli Permanent Mission to the UN in New York (1997-2000) and the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. (2002-2005). Moreover, in 2012 Mr. Gilon earned his first post as Ambassador, representing Israel to Italy, San Marino, and the Rome-based international organizations (2012-2016).

The career of Ambassador Gilon also featured some brief experiences in the private sector, notably in the field of consultancy. After having acted as an international business consultant to ACC Group in 2006-2007, in 2016 Mr. Gilon also established NIG International Consulting, which deals mainly with topics related to innovation. 

Hence, Ambassador Gilon is set to bring to The Hague a wide and mixed experience in the field of international relations. The city’s diplomatic community welcomes him warmly, wishing him the best of luck in promoting the relationship between Israel and the Netherlands!

 [g1 ] Links to farewell articles!

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