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Trick or Brexit

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By Steve Roberts.

I’ve been following Brexit events for a while now. And it occurs that it’s been long long debates inside the UK and the EU. And the whole situation isn’t as crystal clear as many wish it to be.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbow scenario, but it’s a great step forward for everyone. The Brexit has been delayed once more. It is overestimated, it’s not as hard as it might seem to be. It won’t result in bad interference with the citizens the residence rights in the UK will not be affected by Brexit.

Apparently the EU and the UK citizens won’t have huge travel restrictions, which will save a lot of employees from losing their jobs, also the EU citizens looking for jobs in the UK will be granted with a 6 month period to find it, maybe more if it’s necessary. If they want to leave and be free from the EU’s market system it’s their policy. Though the people are important. So it’s a must must to take precautions. 

The No-Deal scenario isn’t attractive to any Brexit participants, so there were some “insurance policy” actions taken to prevent the U.K. from crashing out without a deal if it wasn’t able to pass all this legislation by the end of the month. So the amendment proposed by ex-Tory MP Oliver Letwin passed and Boris Johnson was forced to send a letter asking for an extension until Jan. 31. He did stress that he didn’t really want an extension though. Once he said that he’d rather be “dead in a ditch” then do as he did. 

Basically what the PM did was trying to push his agenda as hard as possible, though the EU is still delaying it. In his letter to Jeremy Corbyn he is referring to business and people. According to his words people are planning their business with Brexit outcomes and as further it gets the more damage to business is being done. But it’s not only the business he is talking about it’s also about the countries in general. He believes that the Brexit is profitable for everyone. And he has a point. He twitted: “I have written to Jeremy Corbyn: this Parliament must get Brexit done now or a NEW Parliament must get Brexit done so the country can move on.” 

The UK want to improve its economy by making deals with the USA free from the EU’s trade system. And the EU will get many business men moving to Europe which will improve local economy and as a result achieve better economical position. 

The mood over this whole Brexit clown carnival is rather dull. Seems like the PM and his team are the only ones carrying about the future of nations. Not that the politics are clean but the steps taken are targeted at people’s interests. 

About the author: Steve Roberts is a journalist. To share any ideas you can reach him at

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