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Sino-Philippine bilateral meeting in Berlin

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Theresa Dizon de Vega and Wu Ken – Picture by Philippine Embassy to Germany.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019, Berlin, Germany: The ambassadors of the Republic of the Philippines, Maria Theresa Dizon de Vega and of the People’s Republic of China, Wu Ken, to Germany held an engaging discussion focused on Philippines-China relations, their views on developments in Germany and the rest of Europe, and building more active people-to-people relations. 

Ambassador Dizon de Vega took up her ambassadorship to Germany on 11 June 2019 after serving as her country’s General Consul in New York City. Her spouse Ambassador Eduardo de Vega is Philippines’ top envoy vis-à-vis the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg. 
Ambassador Dizon de Vega is a studied jurist, and fluent in English, German, French and Spanish in addition to her native Tagalog. 

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