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Embassy of Kazakhstan, “Substantive outcomes of 2019 to Kazakhstan-Dutch Relations”

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H.E. Mr. Magzhan Ilyassov Ambassador of Kazakhstan.

By Roy Lie Ajam.

The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in The Hague organized an information soiree, featuring:  a panel discussion, a dinner reception and the screening of a documentary-film.

The theme of the evening was, “Substantive outcomes of 2019 to Kazakhstan-Dutch Relations.”

The screening of the documentary-film entitled Appointed by Time” by the award-winning director Radik Kudoyaroazaq along with a fabulous seated 3-course dinner reception also featured on the program.
After an introduction H.E. Ambassador Magzhsan Ilyassov, enumerated the substantive events of 2019 in the field of politics and economics.The Netherlands is one of the key trade economic and investment partners of Kazakhstan in Europe. The concept of mutual cooperation and ‘people to people’ contact in fostering stronger linkages has always been essential to the growth and development of Kazakhstan.

The voluntary departure of office by President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been a major political event in 2019 which took many of his contemporaries by surprise. Most noteworthy in this regard is the congratulations conveyed by HM King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands. This public gesture is seen as a recognition of the office held by President Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

Documentary ‘Appointed by time’ dedicated to the first President’s day premiered in the Hague. Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Netherlands and Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan presented a documentary movie dedicated to the First President N.Nazarbayev “Appointed by time”. Main plot of the picture tells about historical role of Nazarbayev in the formation of the Kazakhstani statehood after collapse of the soviet union.

Subsequently, the elections resulted in a new president, Mr. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. A well-known and respected man both nationally and internationally. Tokayev is fluent in Russian, Chinese and English. Mr. Tokayev once held the position of Kazakhstan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister, Chairman of the Senate, the Upper House in Kazakhstan’s Parliament,[PM1] [PM2] United Nations Deputy Secretary-General and Director-General of the UN Office at Geneva. However, on March 20, 2019, he was sworn in as the new Kazakh president.

The Netherlands is one of the key trade economic and investment partners of Kazakhstan in Europe

The visit of Prime Minister Askar Mamin to his Dutch counterpart Mr. Mark Rutter in October 2019 has developed meaningful connections that resulted in PM Mamin meeting with representatives of the Dutch companies Shell, Bitfury and others.

The opening of the Qazaq House is another 2019 milestone.

Mr. Gani Bekenov, Head of the London office of the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan was the next speaker. The mission of his London based foundation is to endeavor to strengthen the commitment of present and future generations of Kazakhstan to the main ideas of the First President of Kazakhstan Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Mr. Gani Bekenov briefly introduced his foundation as well as the documentary-film “Appointed by Time” directed by Radik Kudoyarov. The documentary film highlighted the historical mission of President Nursultan Nazarbayev in establishing the new Kazakhstan and the challenges that he encountered in the first years of independence. 

The world premiere of “Appointed by Time” took place in June 2019 in London UK, and was hosted by the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Among the distinguished attendees at the film screening wereBritish officials, members of both the House of Lords and House of Commons, ambassadors, academics as well as political scientists from Vienna and New York. A dynamic question & answer session concluded the evening.

Photography by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in The Hague.

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