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Backes for the Grand Ducal Court

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Wednesday, 29 April 2020, Luxembourg City, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: The chief of the European Commission Representation to the world’s only Grand Duchy, Ms. Yuriko Backes (49), is set to become the first female to hold the office of ‘Marshall of the Grand Ducal Court’ from 1 June 2020 succeeding Lucien Weiler who is retiring. 

Backes is a trained diplomat with previous experience in the capacity as diplomatic adviser for Jean-Claude Juncker, and for incumbent Prime Minister Xavier Bettel until 2016 when she became the head of the delegation of the European Commission in Luxembourg. 

Yuriko Backes has moreover served as Deputy Director at the Directorate for International Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg, as Deputy Head of Mission at the Luxembourgian Embassy in Japan, and as a diplomat at Luxembourg’s permanent representations to the EU (Brussels) and the UN (New York). 

Privately Yuriko Backes enjoys classical music, particularly Bach, swimming, and reading. 

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