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Two brothers selected as World Peace Ambassadors

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Two Iranian young brothers selected as a World Peace Ambassadors form International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC)

By Jerry Giovanardi.

Shahin Gavanji and Jahangir Gavanji are two Iranian human rights activists, researchers and women rights defenders (1) who launched several campaigns to promote peace and gender equality in the world.

Because of their peaceful activities in the world, on March 6th, 2020, they were selected as a world peace ambassadors form The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace. (IFLAC), and received official certificate from Prof. Ada Aharoni, president of IFLAC and Prof. Ernesto Kahan, vice president of IFLAC.

IFLAC, “The Friends of Literature Association”, was founded in 1985, and was registered as a Voluntary Association in 1987. Since its establishment in 1999, its goal is to build “bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication.” IFLAC Directors and Peace Ambassadors are appointed in some 20 countries.

Shahin and Jahangir Gavanji are two award-winning Iranian brothers, chosen as the best inventors of Iran in 2009 and received the best young inventor award from Iran president hands. They also won this prize in 2010 for the second time and several medals and awards in Germany, Warsaw and Croatia in world inventions festivals.

They are founders of The Global Campaign for the Prevention of Child Marriage (GCPCM) (2,3) which this campaign was done in many countries; the campaign received 1869 painting from 41 countries in the world. They are managers of a child abuse prevention program in Iran and launched the first national campaign to prevent child abuse in Iran and gather more than 3000 signature (4). In the other efforts to support women’s, children’s and to avoid child abuse, they launched a 5-minutes class-in-street campaign and educate more than 8000 child labour in all over the country with the essential points to prevent ways of child abuse (5).

Shahin is the Chairman of the WAMS Council of Asia in the World Academy of Medical Sciences (6), where both established a national campaign to prevent child abuse in all cities of Iran and educated more than 15000 parents with the ways to prevent child abuse and protect their children (7). Also, these brothers are the managers of “My Body is My Body” program in Iran and they have launched a campaign for that in Iran to prevent child abuse (8) and Translated the total program of ‘My Body is My Body’ in Persian (9).

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