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And the Wind Cries Jeffrey: Biohacking Humans with DNA, Nanotechnology, IoT and 5G

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In the picture Domagoj Nikolic, courtesy RIT Cro.

By Domagoj Nikolić

Could it be that the “vaccines” they want to push on us, using the corona pandemic as a pretext, are connected to some kind of a deranged transhumanistic scenario? Apparently, Jeffrey Epstein had a maniacal goal to seed the entire human race with his DNA. If I read between the lines correctly, the fulfilment of this “deed” would take injecting his genetic code into the DNA of every human. 

However, spreading his genetic footprint on the whole of humanity by impregnating a bunch of rape victims or prostitutes, as was indicated by his loose talk, did not seem realistic.

It is well known that he used to hang out with prominent scientists from Harvard, MIT, etc. So, why did he so lavishly fund synthetic biology and genetic engineering?

Jeffrey Epstein and biotech research 

Epstein not only donated his own funds, but also served as “an intermediary (with) other wealthy donors, soliciting millions of dollars in donations from individuals and organizations, including the technologist and philanthropist Bill Gates and the investor Leon Black.” By and large, the beneficiaries of his largesse had a deeper fund-raising relationshipwith him than they were willing to admit, and did their best to conceal the extents of their contacts.

Numerous Harvard geneticists, including George Church, have accepted Epstein donations. He has since then, like many others, issued an apology. However, knowing what we know today, we should not take either their judgement or motives as valid. We should also make note of the fact that the same George Church appeared as a member of the anti-corona genetics team

In another example, a Harvard scientist named Charles Lieber took “generous” donations from Epstein. The same Charles Lieber was arrested for the undisclosed Wuhan – Harvard connection, i.e. for setting up a secret biotech lab in China, allegedly to bypass the US regulations on biowarfare research

His funding included more than $15M from donors such as DoD and National Institutes of Health (NIH). He “specialized in the area of nanoscience” and “became a ‘Strategic Scientist’ at Wuhan University of Technology (WUT)” that “awarded him more than $1.5 million to establish a research lab at WUT”.

An interesting article elaborating those connections was published on Joseph P. Farrell’s website, which reaffirmed that Lieber’s specialized research was nanotechnology aimed “to detect small viral particles in humans”. 

What if Epstein’s reason for taking an interest in genetic science was precisely the plan to seed his genes throughout humanity through worldwide inoculation? A worldwide mandatory vaccination would certainly require a global pandemic as a pretext. That plan, although a gargantuan undertaking, would be certainly more feasible than seeding his DNA by impregnating a few dozens or hundreds of rape victims. And what if the plan included biohacking humans worldwide with nanotechnology devices? 

In other words, what if the endgame is not just creating an Epsteinian chimera out of every human being, but also controlling the genetically modified humans with injected nanoparticles networked by the AI and IoT, just like it is already done on GMO animals? Is this the reason why we “need” the superfast and efficient 5G network? We know that major IT corporations, such as IBM and Microsoft, developed systems for biotechnology analytics, and with 5G they will finally have the technical infrastructure to connect practically an infinite number of nanodevices super-efficiently and control them in real time. For this reason we must always keep an eye on Epstein’s fellow “philanthropist” Bill Gates who was (is) a long time Jeffrey’s chum and made donations to MIT through Epstein and is now at the forefront of the global vaccination agenda.

There were numerous other top scientists involved in this network of global pedophile and underage sex organizations, human trafficking enterprises, biotech and bioweapons industry, AI revolution and vaccination depopulation cartel, one of them being another frequent flyer on Epstein airlines, also accused of sexual abuse which went hand in hand with scientific events at the Epstein’s private island. His name is Marvin Minsky, the renowned Harvard-educated AI pioneer, inventor of modern VR and augmented reality systems, founder of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, and a friend of the geneticist George Church. 

Interstate biotech network, creepy organizations and their opposition 

In 2017, Bill Gates co-founded the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) with the governments of Norway, India, Japan, and Germany along with the Wellcome Trust UK. The goal of the organization is to “accelerate the development of vaccines we’ll need to contain outbreaks” of future epidemics by, in Gate’s words, “using advances in genomics to map the DNA and RNA of pathogens and make vaccines.” Now the CEPI are scrambling to develop the corona vaccine.

Bill Gates in also one of the larger donors of Lucis Trust, a super-creepy “philanthropic” organization founded by esotericists Alice and Foster Bailey in the beginning of 1920s who at that time owned “Lucifer Publishing Company”. The name Lucis, according to the organization’s official website, is an esoteric version of the name Lucifer in whose “honor”, following the footsteps of theosophist Helena Blavatska who “sought to elicit a deeper understanding of the sacrifice made by Lucifer”, it was named. The goal of the Lucis Trust is “to implement the Plan”. Although the contents of the Plan have not been disclosed, we can further read that we are dealing with “Men of goodwill who co-operate (to) form part of the New Group of World Servers which is working to implement the Plan”. These people are “attempting to salvage the world, to bring order out of chaos and to defend the right as they see it”, and we can further learn that “the New Group of World Servers (…) are the people who are building the new world order”.

Another great donor of the Lucis Trust was George Soros who also invested around USD 3.86M to become a shareholder of  the Wu Xi AppTec Group, a Chinese-American joint venture biotech holding company from Shanghai, allegedly connected with the corona virus leak and now scrambling to develop the antibodies and vaccines through one of its subsidiaries, and which recently inked a USD 3B deal for vaccines manufacturing. Although the official Facebook censors, Orwellian “fact-checking” services (in reality propaganda pushers and spinners) would like us to believe that the Wuhan labs had nothing to do with the invention of the covid virus, that Wu Xi AppTec Group does not have those capacities, and that Soros was not involved with those labs, just reading critically their texts shows evidence to the contrary. President Trump has repeatedly stated his belief that we are dealing with a manufactured virus originating from a Chinese lab, although his military and civilian intelligence services apparently disagree along with numerous others heads of states. However, according to the semi-official expose of the GRU – Russian military intelligence, they do agree with President Trump and Mike Pompeo. This kind of dissonance in the US state apparatus should not be surprising, if we recall that one of the main donors of the US-China biowarfare connection was the DoD and other similar linkages.  

Hackable nanoparticles in digital software-like mRNA vaccines

George Soros is a major agenda contributor for the World Economic Forum, which launched CEPI at their annual meeting in Davos in 2017. Gates foundation and CEPI are both donors of a biotech company based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts called Moderna Inc., which is part of the MIT Biotechnology Group, affiliated also to Harvard and is now racing to coronavirus vaccine by pioneering a new type of gene-based vaccine

Moderna makes “mRNA vaccines” by embedding the genetic instructions for a component of a virus into a nanoparticle, which can then be injected into a person. The company adds the genetic codes for the membrane protein the virus uses to invade human cells. If injected into a person, such nanoparticles could cause the body to immunize itself against the real contagion by disallowing the corona virus to fuse its receptors with membrane proteins. The volunteers in this genetic vaccine trial were asked to use birth control allegedly because the DNA could end up in the germline, in other words, in human reproductive cells, i.e. sperm and egg cells. It seems that someone wanted to guard against the possibility of mRNA-vaccine children being born. Could they have become the new Epsteins?

Since mRNA technology has a software, digital-like nature that functions very much like an operating system on a computer, a weblog entry of a military industrial complex contracting firm called Alpine Security deserves a very, very careful analysis.

A few important highlights:

“(…) Some nanotechnology ideas include a tiny device that gets injected into the body as a sensor or medical delivery device. (…)

(…) Some digital security experts posit that a single nanoparticle in the body with its own processor could be hacked, but they also say that if someone had more than one particle in the body, which many treatments would require, a hacker could theoretically turn them into a network in the body, using the body’s own systems to communicate and do their bidding. (…)

(…) If a hacker took over your inner nanotechnology devices, they could demand a ransom with fatal consequences. If you’re unable or unwilling to pay, they could easily turn your body against you and at the very least make you suffer or get sick, if not kill you. (…)

(…) One of the most exciting applications of nanotechnology is inhalable particulate powders developed to directly treat the lungs. These particles can work together to form an artificial cell to do a certain job. Some worry this tech could be an easily weaponized delivery method for bioter-rorism efforts, beyond the hacking dangers. Getting infected with something could be as simple as breathing the air, taking a shower or getting a regular vaccination from your doctor. (…)”

The possibility that someone could literally manage our bodies through the IoT network of nanoparticles controllable by the AI operated through a 5G system is, to put it mildly, shockingly disturbing. The potential consequences of misusing this technology are horrendous. Apart from the potential (and likely dubious) benefits, there are also risks associated with the unknown long-term consequences of manipulating human DNA. I also advise everyone to read the whole entry, because it does read like a transhumanist manifesto.

Are these people evil?

To sum it all up, there is a serious possibility that we may be dealing with a ramified network of business opportunists, tunnel-vision scientists, IT nerds, Beltway bandits, greedy financiers, corporate drones, media yes men, debauched sexual predators, human traffickers, ransomists, hijackers and a wide range of ordinary people or useful idiots, all puppeteered by a hidden transhumanist cabal who know very well what the end game is. This could indeed be a private network hacking nation states and, more importantly, biohacking humanity’s genetic code and maybe, just maybe, they use not only nanotechnology, but also Jeffrey’s (and God knows who else’s) DNA. I think that to dismiss this hypothesis flat out could be very, VERY naive.

Do I think that these people are all conspiring to depopulate the world sitting in darkened rooms around walnut tables? As Dean W. Arnold wrote here:

“I doubt it. (Well, Bill maybe.) Somebody is probably doing that, but my guess is that Bill and Melinda are admirable proponents of an ideology that believes they are helping the world. And when they run into facts that challenge their ideology, they do what many of us do at times. They block it out.

But somebody out there is cooking up evil.”

Epstein’s compartmentalized underground

Let us explore additional connections of this network with Epstein, which actually make our hypothesis of biohacking humanity quite credible. It is important to keep in mind that the modus operandi of this giant complex is compartmentalization. The network operates on a need to know basis and, in most cases, operatives do not see the whole picture but are guided by their simple goals.

Epstein had an executive assistant named Cimberly Espinosa with whom the Alpine Security founder (the nanotech – IoT – 5G blogger from above) shares the same last name. It could be just a coincidence, since that last name is quite common in the USA, but maybe there are connections. 

Alpine Security is focused on ransomware and health care security, namely “protecting medical devices from profit, terror assassination and enemy advancement”

The founder of the company originates, without a shadow of a doubt, from the military industrial complex. Before starting his own company, he worked as a senior consultant for a cyber technology firm called TechGuard specializing, again, in anti-ransom technology. Their government clients include DHS, DoD, DOL, DISA, MARFORCYBER, USCYBERCOM, FLYCYBERCOM, etc., etc.

Whitney Webb wrote of Epstein’s connections with CyberReason, another shadowy tech firm, deeply connected to the obscure Unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). CyberReason was founded by an extremely suspicious person named Lior Div, a former Israeli military hacker who regards his company as “the continuation of the six years of training and service he spent working with the Israeli army’s 8200 Unit.” After he left the IDF, he “worked for the Israeli government as a private contractor reverse-engineering hacking operations”.

Their portfolio includes, similarly, anti-ransom and health care. Such products can obviously be easily weaponized and, once developed, whoever has such capabilities is only a step away (with a simple reversal) from being in the position to blackmail just about anyone on the planet. CyberReason’s management roster reads like a who-is-who of an Israeli techspook yearbook including a lady who “commanded 24/7 operational team of 20 Intelligence specialists on mission‐critical sensitive tasks” in IDF. I am reluctant to imagine what those “mission-critical sensitive tasks” could have been.

It is also interesting that Cimberly Espinosa was formerly part of a tech firm called M86 Security a military contractor provably connected to Microsoft and Israel through connections with another tech firm called Finjan and Trustwave Holdings, another military contractor, inter alia. The Trustwave website indicates intelligence agencies and the military as their clients, but the list remains undisclosed, as is the norm in the military contracting underworld. Trustwave has been very closely affiliated with, not surprisingly, Microsoft for over a decade. And, also not surprisingly, to Israel.

Cimberly Espinosa is now part of Thales Avionics focusing on avionic cyber security which, curiously, is also in the focus of Alpine Security founder. If we take a look at his personal presentation page on Maryville University’s website where he used to teach, we will find interesting passages, such as this one “some of the notable projects I’ve worked on have included  penetration testing for commercial aircraft – to help make aircraft “hackproof” while in flight and on ground”. Similar technologies could have been misused in hijacking of the planes during any dubious disaster, such as 9-11 or the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

Again, so typical of the military industrial complex, the portfolio of clients is not available on his company website, but we can guess that Thales Avionics is part of the network, since it would appear that they often rub elbows on industry fairs.

The same Cimberly Espinosa also appears on the web as a Californian realtor, which is most probably a red herring put out there to give a regular civil identity to an important operator. 

And here we come close to almost closing the circle. Who is Trustwave closely affiliated to? (Drumroll…)  CyberReason, of course! It’s a small world, indeed.

The following passages also require a close examination: 

“Cybereason’s proprietary AI-powered data analytics engine and built-in forensic capabilities to correlate data attributes and behavior with potential threats. The heightened correlation will assist in rapidly pinpointing suspicious activities that may require further investigation or annihilation of attacks already in progress.”

“…deeper analysis of dubious events can be initiated and cross referenced using up-to-the-second threat intelligence obtained from the Trustwave global network of Advanced Security Operation Centers (ASOCs) and the Trustwave SpiderLabs Fusion Center, a state-of-the-art cyber-command center, to help ensure effective measures against threats are immediately taken.”

“…threat hunters and digital forensic teams will add to their arsenal a new level of behavioral analytics to extend and magnify their abilities for quickly finding those proverbial needles in the haystack.”

Biohacking humanity is a real possibility

With only a little bit of educated imagination, this cyber technology, if/when combined with biotechnology, could lead to a total military-style takeover of humanity. It seems that we are only a step away from developing search-and-destroy capabilities powered by AI, 5G, “state-of-the-art cyber-command centers” and “vaccine” – injected hackable nanotechnology devices, weaponized as a form of bioterrorism, and one step removed from whom? From the famous “philanthropist” Jeffrey Epstein through his own connections with CyberReason and many of the mentioned research organizations and technologies providers.

Also initiatives such as digital ID implants combined with vaccines pushed by Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundationcould only make the process of search and destroy (and, on the flip side, search and rescue) faster and easier to manage. We should add that the Gates Foundation funded an MIT and Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing study of a tattoo-like vaccine combining nanoparticles or “near-infrared quantum dots” encoding information for “decentralized data storage and bio-sensing” combining in vivo smartphone imaging and machine learning algorithms. If we combine that technology with implants wirelessly tracking and transmitting real-time data from nerves, organs and muscles, the bio-hybrid DNA creepy crawlers-nanobots, 5G and “state-of-the-art cyber-command centers”,the hackable network for remote controlling humanity is all in place.

The brief research only scratches the surface of the transhumanistic-underground-network hacking governments and there are many leads to be investigated in this massively ramified secret tech-cult. Again, this is not to say that every agent in the network knows the endgame. On the contrary, the success of such operations hinges on compartmentalization and secrecy.  However, it is quite apparent that those in command are hellbent on biohacking humanity in order to establish a transhumanist tyranny and who knows what else (chimerical experiments, anyone?), probably a fully-fledged GMO Orwellian Animal Farm, and much, much unimaginable more.

Another spider in the world-wide web

For further research, another spider in the web to be investigated is Boris Nikolic, “an immunologist and biotech entrepreneur who formerly served as Gates’ chief scientific adviser until 2014” who served as an intermediary between Epstein and Gates” but now “deeply regret(s) ever meeting Mr. Epstein” and  “was ‘shocked’ to see he was named alternate (will) executor by Epstein.”  

Nikolic should owe a lot to Epstein and I don’t think regrets the event in which he “was excited about advice Epstein — who was fascinated with genetic research — had given to bankers about the public offering of a gene company that Nikolic had a $42 million stake in, Bloomberg reported at the time.”

Call me again whatever, but I don’t think Jeffrey Epstein is dead. It just does not add up. The possibility that he was replaced with a double and extracted sounds more plausible than ever. And it could be that the corona mess in New York is somehow connected with his “demise”. 

Maybe he will reemerge from the realm of shadows in some sort of a sick triumphal “reincarnation”? In any case, even if he is dead, his spirit is not and his DNA certainly isn’t.

And the wind cries Jeffrey…

About Author:

Domagoj Nikolić is a Croatia-based thinker researcher and book author. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the author; they do not reflect the author’s employer or any entity whatsoever with which he has been, is now, or will be affiliated.

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