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Human life is non-negotiable

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The Triage and the false prophet of choice on life expectancy?

By Marco Pizzorno.

In order to analyse a certain type of concern, it is necessary to reflect on what are the manoeuvres to deal with the Covid-19. As well highlighted by many international newspapers, the problem of discretion, cited by some guidelines, by virtue of life expectancy, comorbity and factors due to the caress of goods useful to care for all, has created not a few international reactions. 

 How does admission to treatments in the Covid-19 era work?

Admission is made through the Triage’s “war” health mechanism.  Civil protection indicates that this term French meaning “choice”, and that the latter outlines the process of dividing patients into classes of severity, based on injuries reported and treatment and/or evacuation priorities.

The story of the triage refers to the military physician French Jean Dominique de Larrey (born 8 July 1766), who at the command of the rhine army’s surgical team, during the Franco-Austrian War, faced the problems of transporting the wounded with the care and means available on the battlefield. In order to prevent the war wounded from being the victims of the delays of the rescue vehicles due mainly to hostile conditions, he devised the first system of flying ambulances. In this way, military doctors were able to track the movements of the troops and rescue the wounded in real time, being able to organize the necessary health activities on the ground. It is precisely from this historical event that the first system of the so-called triage is attributed to the birth. 

Triage Vs life expectancy

The Civil Protection in Italy is very clear on the dynamics of triage and quotes textually: “in situations of major emergency or major event, taking into account that such situations are characterized by an initial transient limited resources, it is defined as ‘triage’ the process of dividing patients into classes of severity according to injuries reported and priorities of treatment and/or evacuation. Criteria for the organization of disaster relief.

Triage is, therefore, a dynamic health procedure that allows to manage the limited resources available in order to minimize the mortality and morbidity of the people involved in the event, orienting, as mentioned above, the health treatment and transfer of patients according to the priority resulting from their health assessment.

The Declaration of Human Rights is clear, “every individual” has the right to life, to the safety of his or her person even in the event of illness, old age or other loss of livelihoods for circumstances independent of his will. Human life is non-negotiable and it is precisely the recognition of dignity that forms the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world; Discretion about human life or its “probable” life expectancy is not acceptable, in fact there are many casesof people over the age of ninety who have recovered from Covid-19. Is the compulsion to choose on life expectancy is an induction to mortality ?                                                                     Is there anything that should be changed?

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