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E- Farewell for Ambassador Marlene Bonnici hosted by the Coordinator of WAGroup in NL

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On the occasion of the end of term of H.E. Mrs. Marlene Bonnici, Ambassador of Malta to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Women Ambassadors Group, organized an e-farewell for her on 25th of May at 4:00 p.m.

Female Ambassadors of 22 countries that included Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, Czech, Finland, Gambia, Moldova, Palestine, Romania, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, UAE, Uruguay, Yemen and Zambia were present.

In the exchange of courtesies, both Ambassador Bonnici and the Coordinator of the Women Ambassadors Group, Ambassador Sahar Ghanem noted that during the past two years, the Maltese Ambassador has been a supportive and active member of the Group.

In her remarks, Ambassador Marlene Bonnici thanked her colleagues for the collaboration and friendship and emphasized the important role the Women Ambassadors Group plays in consolidating the visibility and connectivity of women ambassadors in the diplomatic realm in the Netherlands. On the other hand, Ambassadors present mentioned that Bonnici’s friendly nature, professionality, strength, and exuberance have positively impacted the dynamics of the group activities. Sharing her ideas and experiences with the group was fortifying, encouraging, and validating of the Group’s role in building a supportive network with each other as well as the outer world. 

This was one of the last few engagements for Ambassador Bonnici who ended her term as Ambassador of Malta to the Kingdom of the Netherlands on 28th May 2020 and soon she will be pursuing her duties in her new post in Berlin. All her colleagues expressed their best wishes for her and asserted that she will be missed, and her place will always stay empty.

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