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Leonardo Royal Hotel hosts successful walk-thru Herring Party

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Successful walk-thru Herring Party Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague Promenade. In the picture, General Manager Patrick Aarsman and Arnaud Roelofsz.

On Tuesday, June 16, around 90 ambassadors, expats, and entrepreneurs from The Hague met at the city’s Leonardo Royal Hotel to participate to the first “Herring Party”, where guests enjoyed traditional Dutch herrings and other international bites, accompanied by the music of Tess et les Moutons. 

Consistently with the Dutch authorities’ measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was organized in an innovative walk-thru format, with guests participating in 3 shifts of 30 people. While the hotel is used to host up to 300 guests in large events, the current circumstances forced the organizers to curb the number of guests for the Herring Party – the first business meeting hosted by the Hotel since the intelligent lockdown started. 

Mr. Patrick Aarsman, General Manager of Leonardo Royal Hotel and architect of the event, rejoiced in the Herring Party’s success, saying that “everyone enjoyed real-life networking and of course the new herring.” “It is important we keep collaborating with the international community, since it brings a positive economic boost to business in The Hague. I am pleased that Leonardo Royal is still the place where these internationals like to gather” – he continued.

The successful organization of the event owed much to the capacity and dedication of Mr. Aarsman and his team, who managed to accomplish their goal despite the difficulties arising from the pandemic. “This altered form of celebrating shows that we are always looking for creativity and possibilities” – Mr. Aarsman said. “Within the hotel industry we are seen as the specialists in tailor-made events. And by thinking positive we have managed to achieve what we stand for. We look forward to the future!”

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