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Spanish-Dutch Cycling Dictionary

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The dictionary is one of the projects originally designed to be a part of the vast activity program surrounding the now-cancelled La Vuelta 20 official departure from the Netherlands (Utrecht and the North Brabant region).

Spain bike rental.

La Vuelta, in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes in Utrecht and the local La Vuelta Holanda organizing committee, present the Spanish-Dutch Cycling Dictionary.

This tool is designed for fans from both countries, and is intended to ease their first contact with the Spanish language, through a common love of cycling. Featuring illustrations as well as a pleasant and enjoyable presentation, the book offers a simple, practical way for fans and travelers alike to access the Spanish, and Dutch, languages.

Mayorca, Spain.

The project, which mobilized three cities and inspired an entire country, has been thwarted by the COVID-19 global health crisis. La Vuelta will not be departing from Holland in 2020, but this Dictionary, a Cervantes Institute idea backed by both La Vuelta and by the local La Vuelta Holanda organising committee, will still be published.

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