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H.E. Dr. Mark Anthony Pace is Malta’s Ambassador to the Netherlands

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With an impressive 25 years diplomatic career behind him, Dr. Mark Anthony Pace is Malta’s new Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Diplomat Magazine and the whole diplomatic community welcome him in this new experience!

From the shores of the Mediterranean to those of the North Sea: this is the latest relocation of Dr. Mark Anthony Pace, the new Ambassador of the Republic of Malta in the Netherlands. For the last four years, Dr. Pace has been his country’s top representative in Tunis. Now, he will play the same role in The Hague, serving as Malta’s Ambassador to the Netherlands and Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). 

Ambassador Pace brings with him 25 years of experience in Malta’s diplomatic corps. After gaining a Diploma of Notary Public (1993) and a Doctor of Laws degree (1995) from the University of Malta, he quickly joined the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA) in La Valletta, where he worked as Second Secretary at the Multilateral Affairs Directorate.

While already serving in his country’s diplomatic corps, Dr. Pace decided to dedicate some time to studying, and earned a MA degree in Social Sciences (1998) from the University of Amsterdam. With this new diploma in mind, in 1999 he was promoted to the role of First Secretary and assigned to the Ministry’s Bilateral Relations Directorate in La Valletta, before moving to his first posting abroad – in Moscow – in 2000.

Dr. Pace’s appointment in Moscow was the first of many postings abroad that would follow in his career. Over the next 15 years, indeed, he spent most of his time outside Malta, working at his country’s representations in Washington D.C. (2003-2006, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Maltese Embassy), Strasbourg (2008-2011, Deputy Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe), Brussels (2011-2012, Representative in the Maghreb/Mashreq Working Group at the Council of the EU), Ramallah (2012-2015, Representative of Malta in Palestine), and eventually Tunis (2016-2020, where he served as Malta’s Ambassador). 

This long series of postings abroad was interrupted only twice for short postings at the MFEA’s in La Valletta – first in 2006, when Dr. Pace worked for two years as Deputy Director at the Ministry’s Protocol Directorate, and then in 2015, when he took up the role of Head of Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Ambassador Pace speaks an outstanding number of languages. Besides being fluent in Maltese, English, Italian, and French, he has also a working knowledge of Dutch, Russian and Spanish. 

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