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Burundi National Day – a Day of Hope

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In the picture H.E. Ambassador Gamaliel Nkuruziza and spouse.

Recently Burundi celebrated their 58th independence anniversary at the Ambassador’s residence in Wassenaar. The event was successful and many Burundians and friends of Burundi in The Netherlands attended the event.

Early last June, Burundi lost its President Pierre Nkurunzizxa who passed away after a massive heart attack at 55.  H.E. Ambassador Gamaliel Nkuruziza, started his speech by inviting the guests to observe a minute of silence in homage to the late president of Burundi. 

During his inspiring speech ambassador declared: . It is true that our country underwent difficulties and those difficulties taught us. Now our country invites us to achieve projects that every Burundian has and that our friends like the ones we are together today. I am an Ambassador at a leading position and you are also ambassadors at your levels. We are called to promote the image of our country and this will lead to the development of our country.

It is true that I am one Ambassador and therefore but I am unable to reach all friends of Burundi as the ones you brought here. Tell them what Burundi is where it comes from and where it goes, this will an honor for Burundi. I repeat here that there no country like Burundi. It is our mother-land whatever we will become, we will remained bound to Burundi, our country.

Ambassador Nkuruziza called Burundians to unite as one for support the country, he said: Let us have trust in our leaders and not let any of us a damage the image of our country or otherwise, they will be considered as cursed. Let us change positively and join the call of our President to rebuild the image of our country in the concert of the nations.

I will do what I can with where my position as Ambassador allows me to but your part is needed to reach where I will be unable to arrive. As I mentioned it before, I am ready to welcome any Burundian who will be willing to contribute to this construction plan. 

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