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H.E. Ms. Marisol Flavia Agüero Colunga is Peru’s new Ambassador in The Hague

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From September 7th, 2020, Peru has a new Ambassador to the Netherlands: H.E. Ms. Marisol Flavia Agüero Colunga. A specialist in maritime affairs and the law of the sea, Ambassador Agüero Colunga has been appointed Ambassador after a long diplomatic career that brought her to serve her country in a number of different roles, both in Peru and abroad. 

After gaining a Bachelor in International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Peru in 1990, Ms. Agüero Colunga joined her country’s diplomatic corps in 1991 with the role of Third Secretary. In parallel to her new work as a diplomat, however, she continued to pursue her studies, not only by earning a Bachelor of Law (1992, Pontificia Universidad Católica of Peru) and a Master in International Maritime Law (2006, International Maritime Law Institute of Malta), but also by following a number of courses at the Diplomatic Academy of Peru.

Throughout her career as a diplomat, Ms. Agüero Colunga worked extensively both in Peru and abroad. Back at home, her work focused heavily on maritime issues. After several years working on this topic, she started to assume increasing responsibilities, becoming head of the Department of Maritime Affairs in 1999 and advising Peru’s foreign minister on law of the sea issues in 2006. Throughout the second half of the 2010s, Ms. Agüero Colunga also took up other advisory roles, both at the General Directorate of Treaties and at the Diplomatic Academy of Peru, of which she became Deputy Director in 2018. 

At the same time, the diplomatic career often brought Ms. Agüero Colunga outside of Peru. Her first experiences abroad included stints in France, Greece, as well as the United Kingdom, where she also served as Peru’s Alternate Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization. In the 2010s, Ms. Agüero Colunga’s postings abroad led her to the Netherlands (twice), Romania, and then again to Greece – three countries where she often focused on consular issues, working as the Head of the Consular Section in the respective Embassies. In addition to these postings, throughout the years Ms. Agüero Colunga often represented her country in numerous meetings and international conferences around the world.

After a long diplomatic career that also brought her several decorations from the Peruvian state, in January 2020 Ms. Agüero Colunga was promoted to the rank of Ambassador. Later in the year she was appointed to her new job as Peru’s Ambassador in The Hague. Diplomat Magazine and the diplomatic community of the Netherlands welcome her and wish her all the best for this new adventure!

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