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Prosecutor observed the commendable professionalism and ethical integrity of Kosovo’s journalists

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Statement from the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office.

Over the last number of weeks, my Office has received many questions from journalists about statements made by the KLA War Veterans Association, which has on a number of occasions engaged in activities which I believe are aimed at undermining the proper administration of justice.

During this time, I have also observed the commendable professionalism and ethical integrity of Kosovo’s journalists and other public commentators, many of whom have spoken clearly about how such activities undermine the rule of law and the course of justice.

I want to take this opportunity to commend the ethical journalists throughout Kosovo who have refused to publish documents provided to them, as well as the multiple journalists who have voluntarily provided us with the documents they received from the KLA War Veterans Association and publicly acknowledged that participating in disseminating such information could be a crime under the Kosovo Criminal Code.

The SPO is committed to vigorously investigating and prosecuting individuals who commit any such crimes, including the disclosure of the identity of individuals who may be called before the court or any information that could lead to their identification.

Kosovo Tribunal, The Hague. Picture by Wikipedia Public Domain.

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