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Seychelles inaugurates fifth president

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President Wavel Ramkalawan – Picture by State House Seychelles.

Monday, 26 October 2020, Victoria, State House, Republic of Seychelles: H.E. Mr.  Wavel Ramkalawan, a 59-year-old erstwhile Anglican priest who has largely devoted himself to politics and the defence of human rights, was inaugurated as Seychelles’ president.

The latter’s deputy, Vice-President Ahmed Afif was sworn in on Tuesday, 27 October. 

President Ramkalawan’s (b. Mahé, 1961) Linyon Demokratik Seselwa party won more than a two-thirds majority of National Assembly’s seats in the October general election, marking a première successful transition of power to another political party since independence. 

Presidential predecessor Danny Faure’s United Seychelles party had been in office over the past 43 years. Since 2016, after a constitutional amendment limits presidential terms to two. A presidential term is meant for five years, in a country wherein the president serves as both, head of state and government. 

During his inauguration, President Wavel Ramkalawan reaffirmed a pledge to hike the minimum wage, and help the country to recover economically after the COVID-19 pandemic stifled the tourism-dependent economy. In order to buttress up his economic policy, President Ramkalawan summarily appointed Naadir Hassan as Minister of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning. 

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