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Virtual Counselling for Migrants Opting for Voluntary Return

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IOM the Netherlands is launching virtual counselling support for migrants considering return to 10 selected countries. Direct contact with our staff in countries of origin makes it possible for them to exchange information in their native tongue. Also, reliable and up-to-date information can be shared on diverse topics such as housing, medical support and economic possibilities.  

The virtual component of the return support is an addition to the existing counselling offered by our staff in the Netherlands. Next to information about the current situation in the country of return, migrants can be informed in advance about the post-arrival assisted voluntary return and reintegration procedures. This way, both the migrant and IOM can manage expectations and prevent misconceptions. Moreover, it gives migrants the opportunity to make a well-informed decision about their return. 

The concept of virtual counselling was introduced last year by IOM Germany. Learning from their positive experiences, we will make virtual counselling available to all migrants from the selected countries who are considering return from the Netherlands starting in April. IOM staff in the selected countries of origin are currently being trained in this new way of counselling.

For now, virtual counselling will be offered to migrants from Algeria, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guinee Conakry, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Vietnam. They will receive information on how to contact the virtual counsellor via our counselling team in the Netherlands, once they have indicated their interest in voluntary return. Contact with the country of origin can be established together with the Dutch IOM counsellor or independently.   

For more information please contact Ilse Waindrich and/or Lisa van de Pol:

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