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New vaccine reach efficacy rate of 92.2%

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Abdala, the new vaccine from Cuba’s Centre of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology has shown an efficacy rate of 92.2% after 48,000 volunteers had a three doses trial. On the other hand Soberana 02, from the Institute Finlay also made in Cuba, showed a 62% of efficacy after the first two doses were applied on 44,010 volunteers, however the scientific institute expectation is that Soberana 2 will reach over 80% efficacy after a third dose.

Both vaccines have been given to thousands of Cubans under the figure of studies together with clinical trials to contain new outbreaks of Covid-19 on the island, currently suffering from their third and worse wave.

Because of the governmental structure with flow intercommunication channels among the different State institutions, and the Ministry of Health, the trials and vaccination of the population has been expedited. Both the Centre of  Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology and the Institute Finlay are going to validate their vaccines for Emergency Use Listing (EUL) at the Control State Organization for Drugs and Medical Equipment of Cuba.

Those excellent results of the first vaccines made in the Latin American region are attracting the attention of other countries such as Argentina, Venezuela and Iran, who may wish to buttress up Cuba’s vaccination drive, and mimic it in their own populations. 

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