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Celebrating the veterans with a white carnation

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By Michelle Rahimi

As the tradition has mandated, numerous white carnation gardens have been inaugurated across the Netherlands to honor the nation’s veterans.

Recently, the ambassador of Bangladesh, H.E. Mr. Riaz Hamidullah and his wife Sazia have become a part of this tradition by joining the symbolic unveiling of the white carnation garden celebration with several Dutch veterans at the Museum Sophiahof-van Indie. Ms. Maja Steenwijk, veterans volunteer, as well as the Director of the Museum, Mr. Reiner van Ooijen were also in presence.

The Mayor of Wassenaar, Ms Maja Steenwijk and veterans.

It was a symbolic and powerful celebration with veterans who served in Sarajevo, Mali, Kabul, and other sites in attendance as well. The inauguration took place in the town of Wassenaar, with the opening of the garden celebrated by placing white carnations in the coats of those who dedicated their time to serving their country.

Inaugurating Veenendaal’s white carnation garden.

On this day, the Dutch people made a point to also plant white carnations in their own gardens as the veterans’ plant theirs at the museum.

Ms. Maja Steenwijk has dedicated her time to promoting the opening of even more white carnation gardens by asking for the support of mayors of several cities and villages to organize and plant them as appreciation for the veterans who have served.

Up to now, she has contributed to the creation of about 60 white carnation gardens in Holland. Ms. Steenwijk has recently unveiled some of these white carnation gardens with the mayors of Rotterdam, Bloemendaal, and Wassenaar.

By next year, it is expected that we will see a white carnation garden at the Peace Palace, with the event already on the schedule of the Director General, Erik de Beaedts.

(C)Roel Dijkstra-Vlaardingen – Foto Dennis Wisse Rotterdam / Oude Plantage / opening van een Witte Anjerperkje / met o.a. burgemeester Aboutaleb
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