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Eswatini roiled by protests

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Mbabane and other cities across Eswatini has been roiled by protests for months now against the absolute rule of King Mswati III and his handling of the country’s economy and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Primary, secondary, and University students have been at the forefront of this movement with popular demonstrations, strikes, and seizing control of streets.

The strike actions and conflict with students has recently had new developments as at least sixteen schools have now closed indefinitely mostly due to students delivering petitions to teachers demanding such until the release of detained Pro-Democracy MPs. Prime Minister Cleopas Sipho Dlamini and Education and Training Minister Lady Howard Mabuza have denounced these interruptions with warnings to teachers against showing solidarity with students or taking part in protests. Many teachers across the country have supported their students through the crisis.

Appeals were made across the country to parents to control their children so that education can resume and the protests will stop. Students have rejected this and have been recorded throwing stones at police and their own parents, vowing to continue striking until MPs are released, democratic reforms are instituted, and, for many, until the monarchy is abolished.

As of now, there is no end in sight to these protests and the government has offered no concessions.

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