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Egyptian President Al Sisi vows to fight youth unemployment 

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Wednesday, 12 January 2022, Arab Republic of Egypt: Field Marshal President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi spoke to a group of journalists during a press conference at Sharm El-Sheikh during the World Youth Forum, and responded to questions concerning the future of the youth in Egypt, the water dispute with Sudan and Ethiopia, the human rights violation allegations, the economic situation, the delimitation of water agreements in the East Mediterranean and much more.

The Egyptian president stated that Egypt is committed to international conventions, but his first concern as he explained, is regarding the one million of youth people entering every year on the working market in his country. He said that his country urgently need jobs for them in order to offer a good future to his youth, and he asked his detractors to help Egypt and invest in Egypt instead to criticize his government, that will certainly help Egyptians he said.

President Al Sisi emplaced rich countries who leave in healthy economic situation to offer support, installing industries which generate real wealth for Egyptians instead of criticize Egypt constantly on human rights issues. He said that he is the one who is the most concerned for his own people and do not understand how people from abroad with a much more favorable economic situation insist in criticize Egypt from their comfortable view. He invited them to participate in Egypt wealth creation, and provide the country with new opportunities and investment.

Youth women attending the WYF in Sharm El-Sheik.

Thousands of youth of numerous nationalities and backgrounds attended the international youth platform of the World Youth Forum launched in Egypt for the first time in 2017 to open the dialogue on a wide range of global issues. The forum provided the opportunity for attendees to exchange their views and express their ideas, allowing world youth and policy-makers to express their views and aspirations about peace, development and creativity, promote open dialogue between different cultures and civilizations and send a message of peace, unity, harmony and progress to the world.

On this WYF edition topics ranged from confronting terrorism, extremism and natural disasters, water and food security, empowering woman, youth and people with disabilities, arts and culture, and opportunities and challenges related to communications and information technology, such as artificial intelligence and electronic games. Ramifications of Covid-19, inclusive development, social safety, net programmes and human rights were likewise on the forum’s agenda.

World Youth Forum, Sharm El-Sheik

Since the first WYF launched in Egypt, over 15,000 participants from 163 countries attended, including 500 speakers in over 100 sessions, workshops and roundtables. Thus the WYF certainly contributed to developing policies that reflect the hopes and aspirations of youth for a world capable of responding to their needs and challenges. The forum was recognized as an international platform for youth empowerment at the United Nations Economic and Social Council in its 59th session, as well as at the Union for the Mediterranean. 

After a two-years hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, President Al Sisi decided to go ahead and celebrated its “Back Together” WYF’s fourth edition in the exclusive resort area of Sharm El-Sheik under his auspices to continue supporting youth via this effective dialogue platform. President Al Sisi was an active participant in various events and attended several sessions as speaker. He seized the opportunity to address the groups and transmitted confidence and positive feedback to the thousands of participants in every opportunity. 

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