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The Seductive Power of Bvlgari Serpenti Forever

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Bello e ben fatto: it is in this unique marriage between the quest for beauty and masterful craftsmanship that all Bvlgari creations come to life, bringing Italian creativity and know-how to the world for over 135 years.

Serpenti Forever has established itself as the ultimate icon of glamour and timeless style, encapsulating the perfect encounter between unique design and exceptional artistry. A symbol of perpetual renewal, fearless seduction and modern metamorphosis, the Bvlgari snake is a true trendsetter that has undergone infinite changes, perfectly represented by the unceasing style evolution of the emblematicsnakehead stud closure of Bvlgari’s Leather Goods and Accessories collections.

From its distinctive jewellery-inspired hexagonal scales coated with show-stopping polychrome enamels in endless combinations, textures and nuances, and topped by mesmerizing gemstone eyes, the iconic head has now morphed into a sharper, ultra-modern rendition. Inspired by the Serpenti jewels of the 1960s, this rapturous rebirth of the snake-head reimagines a Bvlgari heritage design to define the captivating Serpenti of today. Exuding Bvlgari’s jewellery DNA from every detail, the notorious head is created with the lost wax casting technique.

Here a cast is made using wax, which is subsequently melted away leaving spaces for the molten precious metal to fill them. The vivid gems set instead of the eyes or to design precious details, are instead a nod the Roman Jeweller’s penchant for coloured stones.

Serpenti, Bvlgari

The new head is not the only design drawing from Bvlgari’s fabulous archive. One of the Maison’s most distinctive jewellery motifs – the iconic thick chain – has become a main theme running through all its Leather Goods and Accessories collections in always innovative and unexpected ways. Employed more for their aesthetic – than merely functional – value, chains are crafted with the same techniques adopted for Bvlgari High Jewellery creations, literally being set into the exquisite skins to create ultra-precious patterns or styled with unique colour treatments, like the degrade effect or the multiple gold combinations. As for true jewellery pieces, the spellbinding chain shoulder straps are hand-assembled link by link, sometimes recreating the decreasing shape typical of some of Bvlgari’s most legendary sautoirs and colliers.

At Bvlgari, precious skins and exquisite materials get the same inventive and avant-garde treatment as the prized gemstones. The type and processing of the different leathers is conceived to offer an unrepeatable tactile pleasure, the same experienced with Bvlgari’s high jewelry creations: wearing and touching them ignite the desire to sport them every day.

One of the secretes handed down by generations of artisans concerns the unique finishes of Bvlgari’s Crocodile skin achieved through particular techniques inspired by the jewellery world, such as the pearled effect which serves an almost iridescent effect. A true concentrate of ultimate preciousness, the irresistible Karung undergoes instead a special treatment that makes the skin unbelievably supple and flexible, for an incredibly soft result comparable only to the consistency of a fabric, while Calf Leather claims the same attention as the most cherished materials, with special treatments exalting its ultra-soft nature. As one of the most difficult materials to treat, Galuchat Skin represents a peak of excellence in Bvlgari’s manufacturing savoir-faire, evoking with its tiny precious grains the unique sparkle of a diamond pavé. Finally, the ultra-tempting Python skin is processed by skilled artisans that exalt its natural shine. Using the precious skin as a white canvas on which to create a one-of-a-kind design, Bvlgari craftsmen hand-paint this exquisite material scale by scale, highlighting its natural livery with endless colour combinations.

Experimenting with striking nuances inspired by the unique gemstone juxtapositions that made Bvlgari’s style legendary, the Jeweller of Leather Goods infuses each creation with its unmistakable touch of colour – from polychrome skins to vibrant appliques, through exquisite gem details.

Firmly holding onto its Roman roots, each Bvlgari bag and Leather Good is crafted in the Florence Atelier. Here, Bvlgari’s traditional artisanal techniques are constantly being reinvented, extending to new methods of construction with a craftsmanship always a step ahead of the times. Bvlgari’s impeccable attention to detail, combination of unexpected materials and experimentation of state-of-the-art treatments, represent the ability of Made in Italy to constantly renew itself projecting into the present its unmatched heritage and tradition.

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